Amsterdam…it’s personal

My trip to Amsterdam, the drugs, sex and rock-and-roll capital of the world was unbelievable, to say the least. People, myself included, assumed that Amsterdam is a city to visit with caution. And now that I have visited it, I see no need for that assumption. People are friendly and relaxed to points that you would not imagine. Walking down the Red Light District is of course a treat, but it is a must to visit when you go to this city. The architecture of the city would confuse many. These buildings all appear to be falling, designed and built such that they can accommodate with the ringed structure of the city. Visiting a coffee shop is a must here, regardless of whether you smoke or not. It is a very relaxing atmosphere. The food does not even need to be mentioned. It is fantastic. A must go-to restaurant is “Haesje Glaes”, next to the Centraal Train Station. The employees are the friendliest people and the food is impeccable. All in all, Amsterdam is a fun city to visit, whether you like to party, have a relaxing vacation, or just get some good grub.

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