The 'Bourg' district and the Cathedral St. Nicholas de Fribourg

Explore Switzerland: The Grand Tour of Switzerland

The Grand Tour of Switzerland celebrates all things Swiss as the road journey takes precedence over destination. Totalling 1000 miles through four language regions, scenic Alpine passes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as 22 lakes, this tour is grand indeed, providing a concentrated insight into Switzerland with pristine scenic views and exclusive cultural spots. We take you through an amazing road trip from Neuchâtel to Bern, one of the Grand Tour routes, which is easy to navigate within an hour, but not before indulging in pit stops along the way, brimming with sights and sounds of classic Switzerland that one will wish to call home. What could be better than lapping up the scenic views of Switzerland’s mountainous areas by cruising along rocky highways and soaking in the medieval charm of quaint old towns?

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