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With spa-goers seeking authenticity, tradition, and that magical spa experience that also offers true results, the Eastern European/Middle Eastern/North African hammam (hamam in Turkey) represents one of the hottest trends.


The Turkish influence is everywhere at Miraj Hammam Spa at Granville

A hammam is an ancient ritual of cleansing and purification in a heated chamber, often quite beautiful, that combines a vigorous full-body exfoliation by a therapist who uses a coarse mitt. It’s followed by a bubbly soaping and now often by a full-body massage.

A real hammam, from an Arabic word meaning ‘heat’, consists of a hot room (the sıcaklık, or hararet), a warm, intermediate room, and the cool room (or soğukluk). Traditionally these were architectural marvels. Spa-goers love hammams because one can extend this Eastern European/Middle Eastern/North African multi-circuit bathing experience for hour.


Marinedda Thalasso Spa Resort, Sardinia, Italy

Hammam, meaning ‘Ritualistic Bath’ is built upon the ancient philosophy of the traditional Turkish baths which functioned as steam-filled grottos for segregated social gatherings and ritualized cleansing and purifying techniques.

Today’s urban Hammam is normally a 500 square foot co-ed steam room and its style and layout has the feel of a natural grotto with black slate surfaces and onyx cold water bowls. Refreshing essential oils are infused in the air as the steam is absorbed through your pores, releasing built-up stress and toxins.


Hammam at Faena Hotel, Buenos Aires

Miraj Hammam Spa Vancouver, Hammam Spa Toronto, Hafa Hammam Italy, Cemberlitas Hammam Istanbul, Oriental Hammam at One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai are few names to explore the greatest experience of ancient ritual bath.

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