Honeymoon Getaways


Honeymoon Getaways

Romancing in Nature or History

Honeymoon Getaways

Whether Your Idea Of Romance Involves Living In Luxury, Breathing In History Or Cosying It Up In The Midst Of Nature, Linda Vonn And Natalie Koh Have Found Just The Right Spot For You

Living it up in an old 19th century chateau, traipsing through the largest nature reserves of South Africa, reaffirming your vows in a charming Balinese chapel – every couple has their own idea of a perfect honeymoon. It would be unrealistic to take a one-size-fits all approach to honeymoon destinations – that’s why we’ve sought out some of the best honeymoon resorts and hotels across the world to suit every palate. Whether luxury, history or wildlife is more your style, there’s sure to be a destination here to suit your fancy. Living in Luxury  Sure, most honeymoon spots should have some element of luxury, but for those looking for a lavish setting for complete indulgence, “luxury” takes on a whole new meaning with these hotels. Imagine stretching out on the bed in an over-water or beach villa while the sounds of waves lapping against powdery white beaches lull you to sleep. You could opt for your private plunge pool or whirlpool, if you so wish, where you could relax with your lover while the breath-taking Mount Otemanu looms in the distance. That’s the sort of luxuries St. Regis Bora Bora Resort promises, as it offers the largest over-water villas in the South Seas, designed with a South Pacific flair melded with a European sophistication.