The City of Light

No one can write a blog post to sum out Paris. If they attempt to, they would always forget something out. It really is that good. Walking along the Seine in the evenings, grabbing to go’s at a boulangerie (bakery), and taking the metro, which is shockingly reminiscent of that of New York City; it is a city that you have to visit without a second thought. People assume that the French people are not the friendliest. I still have to meet such a person. People are nice and although they may be rushing to get through their busy schedules, they would not mind stopping to help you with a photograph or two. The transportation is impeccable with its timing, the food is unbelievable. I will try escargots (snails) tonight, and have heard nothing but the best of reviews from friends. The seafood here is fantastic, regardless of what your fancy is. Paris is a sight worth seeing. There is so much to see, and it is unfortunate I do not have enough time here. 2 weeks is not enough to see Paris. It really is one of the best cities I have visited.

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