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Many of us spend our days struggle to arrange for various necessities and comforts of life to satisfy all our material desires; making our nights restless from all the exertions of the day.


A unique Australian Alpine Spa experience

Many of us spend our days struggle to arrange for various necessities and comforts of life to satisfy all our material desires; making our nights restless from all the exertions of the day.

Our lifestyle is progressively getting more challenging and complicated with modern trends. In the race to adopt the new changes and face challenges we stay ignorant that this fast lane lifestyle causes long term damage to the mind and soul.

Wellness retreats serves the purpose of distressing, detoxifying, rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. They aim to calm the mind and heart and relieve us from the daily tussle of our busy lives. Globally, people are living a more stressful life and this in turn leads to the flourishing of the wellness retreat trend.

The Breathtaker Alpine Spa Retreat is the first one of its kinds alpine destination spa of Australia. The Breathtaker On High is located at Mt Buller in Australia. The peace and tranquility of the altitude is a huge advantage for the spa retreat. As you reach the hotel, the mountain surroundings and environment fills your mind with the calm and serene sensations. The spa treatments at such altitudes multiplies the benefits and make for a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Concept

Breathtaker On High’s concept and design is based on the embodiment of the four elements: fire, water, earth and air. The result being the fifth element: the Quinta Essentia. The fifth and highest element in ancient and medieval philosophy that permeates all of nature and is the substance composing the celestial bodies.

Thought to be first postulated by the Pythagoreans, Quinta Essentia is the fifth element — after fire, water, earth, and air, the element that is necessary to explain the diversity and multiplicity of life, the finest or best of any substance. It embodies the philosophies and goals of Breathtaker — that being, to ensure you have the ultimate experience in comfort, quality and service.

Avail yourself and rejuvenate, relax and indulge in this luxurious haven of renewal. Soak in hot pools, revive under water jets and renew in warm steam. Take advantage of the various spa packages, be massaged, soothed and nurtured by skilled therapists in this unique and tranquil environment.

The trained spa therapists will restore your skin and body to optimum health. They combine expert advice with exceptional skin care and body therapy. The goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction combined with ultimate relaxation!

If you are not able to decide which treatment is best suited for you, there are professional therapists who customize the packages that best suit you depending upon your requirements and your medical background.


LI’TYA Spa Care

The spa’s unique product range, the Li’tya spa care, combines ancient indigenous medicines and massage techniques, with aromatherapy, colour therapy, and herbalist principles, and utilizing potent Australian flora, earth, sea minerals and plants, the utmost purity of nature is offered within this exciting high performance range.

The holistic development of well-being is achieved by working on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. This balances the sense of harmony and leads to a purer form of lifestyle and a unique way of thinking.



The massages provided by the Spa Retreat renew and rejuvenate naturally. Stone therapy soothes the body by the alignment of warm stones along the energy lines of the body. Problems related to tissues, ligaments, joints and muscles are treated by therapeutic massages. Apart from the customary massages there are tailor made massages as per the requirement of your body for complete mind and body regeneration.


The Spa Retreat provides treatments for all the parts of the body individually and for the balancing and spiritual enhancement of the complete body.

The Spa Retreat has packages especially designed for the deep cleansing, refining, hydrating the skin combined with the anti aging treatment for the skin. The materials used are rich in marine nutrients that are excellent in nourishing and revitalizing the skin. The relaxing scalp massage combined with a neck and shoulder massage is a complete balanced and satisfying experience. The treatment for hands and lower arms nourishes and replenishes the rough and parched hands. The pressure point massages of the feet are a wonderfully relaxing treatment and help to calm and rejuvenate the whole body.

A complete therapy of hands, feet and face recharges and enhances total equilibrium of the body, thus increases one’s ability to think and act in a positive manner when one returns back to business. An anti aging spa package for the body is a rejuvenating experience. It includes various mud packs, hair packs and scalp massage. It increases the blood circulation of the body, makes your skin firmer and energizes whole body.

The budget for these therapies and treatments depends on your requirements and the time given for the massage. However the spas are worth paying the amount, considering the complete renewing experience they provide. The entire body systems are revitalized, rebalanced and energized; so much that when you leave the resort, you will find that the world is entirely different and much more amicable.

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