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Linda gets tired quiet easily when she is running across the platform to catch her train to the office.

Benefits of Yoga

yoga detox

Linda gets tired quiet easily when she is running across the platform to catch her train to the office. When some one told Anna that climbing stairs is good for her health, she tried climbing almost three flights of stairs to reach the platform of the metro station rather than take the elevators. She then spends the next ten minutes panting and wiping sweat off her forehead. James spends almost two to three hours driving from his home in the suburbs to his office in the city centre every day, he is not able to spend more than a blissful half hour at his home with his family.

yoga detox

Does this sound familiar? Do some parts of these stories hold true for you too? If so, there may be a simple solution perfect you. Yoga. This is a solution if done regularly will ensure that the stories mentioned become a distant memory. The benefits of yoga on the mind, body and soul are immense. The key benefits can be summarized as follows:

(1)  Enhanced lubrication. A machine that works eight hours a day requires greasing from time to time. The car that you drive for about two to four hours a day also requires servicing every few months. Similarly a human body is a complex machine working 24 hours a day, even while sleeping. The body requires lubrication much more than we might think. The functioning of joints, ligaments and tendons in the body depends on how well they are lubricated and how flexible they are. Practicing yoga is one of the best ways of ensuring the joints and tendons are in healthy and functional condition.

(2)  Internal massaging. The human body consists of organs and glands as well. These should be kept fit and healthy. The total massage provided by yoga stimulates the organs and glands; even those parts of the body that do not get stimulated in the entire lifetime. Thus yoga keeps all the organs of the body in proper functioning condition so that every part works in tandem. The result is a healthy and fit body.

(3)  Detoxification. When all the joints and ligaments are sufficiently lubricated and all the organs are fit and healthy, it results in a better circulation of blood to all parts of the body. Proper blood circulation ensures flushing out of the toxins and harmful chemicals that build up over time in the body. A better circulation keeps the body fresh and full of energy, ready to face new challenges of the daily lives.

yoga detox

(4)  Toning. Muscles tend to become weak and loose their stamina with the passage of time. Yoga helps to strengthen muscles, tones and activates them for a prolonged period of time.

(5)  Flexibility. Continuous practicing of yoga sharpens the reflexes of muscles and leads to the body being more active and flexible. Even the joints that go unnoticed in the life span are activated through yoga. Practice yoga asanas, a posture adopted to perform yoga, for a couple of months will result in noticeable results both mental and physical.

(6)  Attractive body: Toned and active muscles, reduced toxins and active joints all lead to reduction of fat and help your body to be lean and fit. Regular yoga keeps your body in good shape that has its own impact in one’s self-confidence. The reduction of fat has health benefits as well.

(7)  Immunity. The body’s immune system reduces the chances of getting sick and fights off viruses and infections. Yoga helps to boost the body’s immune system in a natural way.

(8)  Treating diseases: Meditation and breathing techniques practiced in yoga are capable of curing many diseases like skin disorders, sinus allergy, acidity, constipation, indigestion, stomach pains, asthma etc. the list is not exhaustive and many more diseases for which medical science only provides suppressants, can be reduced using correct yoga techniques.

yoga detox

The benefits of yoga are proven and plenty full. Yoga improves functioning of the mind and body thus leading to a better quality of life. Try starting with a simple yoga asana that lasts fifteen to thirty minutes every day and build on that. Discovering the advantages of yoga on your lifestyle, you shall very soon realize that the investment of your valuable time invested every day has a very quick and rewarding payback!

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