Fresh Line Organic Masks

by | Apr 24, 2011

Our beauty focus team at World Spa bring to you reviews of interesting skin, body and hair care brands scattered all across the globe.

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Our beauty focus team at World Spa bring to you reviews of interesting skin, body and hair care

brands scattered all across the globe. In our pursuit we do come across exceptional ideas and concepts that are interesting foundations of certain brands but get missed out in the crowd. Fresh Line is one such brand. A Greek cosmetics brand, Fresh Line builds on natural cosmetics with fresh ingredients and a short expiry date.

A large number of companies have jumped on the ‘organic’ bandwagon following the general appreciation of the public for the organic lifestyle. Be it adding certain worlds on the label that convey the naturalness of the product or adding earthly colors and plant images on the label to subconsciously tie the observer’s impression of a product to nature or in some cases simply adding 0.1% of a plant extract in a product to call it natural, it is getting difficult to sieve out the genuine organic products. Fresh Line however, comes out as an exception.

The brand produces home made natural and organic cosmetics. The inspiration comes from the ancient Greek wisdom of herbal therapy and traditional beauty recipes handed down through the generations. Their ranges are handmade and have specific recipes for the different types of skin or hair. All the products are freshly made with fruit and herb extracts and have a short expiry date. This is a proof that they do not contain chemical preservatives to ensure the product is as fresh as it can get.

Their Garden Mask, a skin care mask for anti aging, consists of ingredients which you might find in your local supermarket: eggplant, cucumber, tomato, carrot, celery and broccoli. It is an old recipe for anti aging as it adds anti oxidants and vitamins to the skin. The mask rejuvenates, nourishes and fortifies the skin with multiple vitamins. The moisture from the fresh vegetables adds water to the skin as well. This mask is an excellent was to distress and nourish the skin naturally.

world spa Fresh Line Potato maskOne would find it strange to have potatoes in their face mask and initially question the relevance of this staple food for many to be a part of a cosmetic product. As per Fresh Line, potatoes have been used over the years for sore eyes and under eye puffiness. The humble potato has the power to reduce the appearance of dark circles due to an enzyme that lightens the under eye area. The combination of potato with anti inflammatory ingredients such as arnica offer immediate relief for puffy eyes and dark circles. This organic formula contains, potatoes, aloe vera, fennel oil and arnica. The mask tones and softens the skin as well.

When we refer to an organic lifestyle, we must also includes organic skin and body care products, fresh ingredients but most importantly respect for the traditional recipes in modern day living. Fresh line products are imaginative with beautiful shapes and colors and an absolute pleasure to use! They are invigorating, detoxifying, stimulating, relaxing, soothing and deliciously scented! minilogo

Fresh Line products are widely available around the world. The network consists of 156 points of sales worldwide through their own boutiques and well known department stores. freshline

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