Hand Pounded Organic Scrub

Well, if you want your skin to have a healthy glow, clean pores, even tone and smooth texture, the answer is YES!!!

We all know how smooth and polished a baby’s new skin looks, right? We’ve all noticed the clean, even toned, fresh face of the average “twenty something years old ” woman, correct? These are two great examples of why we need to exfoliate even more so as we age. When we are young, the skin’s natural process of shedding dead cells happens quite rapidly, this natural process explains the gorgeous smooth skin on a 22 year old woman. As we get older, especially over 35, normal cellular reproduction (shedding skin cells) slows down. We MUST remove the top layer of dead skin cells to help the process along. We do this by exfoliating at least twice a week with a good exfoliator formulated to remove dead skin cells gently and effectively.

The benefits are plenty when you use a good exfoliator regularly. You will notice an immediate result in most cases, enjoying an instant WOW factor that lasts! Exfoliating improves all types of skin and all types of concerns. Anything you put on your skin works better after you exfoliate. The way makeup applies, looks and wears on the days you exfoliate is very much improved, and breakouts are fewer therefore causing for less covering up, and prevention of future scaring. Skin looks brighter, younger and rejuvenated after exfoliation.

Our team at World Spa tried out Body Essentials’s Hand Pounded Organic Scrub, a walnut and honey based exfoiator. Good for normal to oily skin, this organic scrub was gentle to the feel but coarse enough to remove dead skin cells. Out of the box, it felt sticky with a strong organic honey aroma. Once applied to the wet skin, the stickiness of the honey melted into the skin, softening the dead skin while crushed walnut grains gently exfoliated the skin.

In addition to crushed walnut, the exfoliator also contained flower seeds – rich in vitamins and proteins. Nutrients were being added to the skin while exfoliating! Honey is a natural hummectant, which means it draws and holds moisture, and is therefore soothing to dry and damaged skin.

The scrub had added Rose oil, Vit E and Aloe Vera. Natural emollience, moisturizing and antioxidant characteristics of the Rose oil make it an excellent choice for rejuvenation of the skin. Vit E works as a rejuvenating agent and is an excellent anti oxidant. Body Essentials exfoliator acts as an instant hydrator. Once dead skin is removed, the new skin can readily absorb moisture and nourishment – both vital keys in the renewal process.

The Hand Pounded Organic Scrub is another excellent product in Body Essentials’s portfolio of amazing organic creations for the skin care.

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