Postcards From Sursee, Switzerland

If you’re looking to visit the historic city of Lucerne but are put off by the exorbitant hotel prices, look no further than the small town of Sursee. Just 25 minutes by train from the centre of Lucerne it makes a great base to explore the region. Sure there are many other towns around Lake Lucerne you could stay in, but you’ll pay similar prices to Lucerne itself and unless you have a car your only convenient means of transport to the great city will be by boat.

The town of Sursee is small, and granted you might struggle to fill a full day here. But it has a lovely historic centre to wander around on a sunny morning when you’re not out exploring Lucerne or the great Mount Pilatus. And it shows a different side to Switzerland you won’t see in the cities. In fact Sursee won the Wakker prize in 2003 for the preservation of its architectural heritage, with specific mention of its efforts to avoid turning the historic centre into a museum or empty show piece.

Arguably its greatest attraction is the prehistoric Habinsel pile-dwelling settlement which is a UNESCO world heritage site alongside other such settlements in the Alps. It’s believed the settlement was inhabited during the Neolithic and Bronze ages many thousands of years ago. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the site, and in any case I found it impossible to find any useful information as to its whereabouts.

If you’re looking for accommodation, Aquafit Sursee is by far the best value hotel we’ve stayed in whilst visiting Switzerland. It has its own luxurious swimming pool which you’ll get free access to if you’re staying the night, alongside on site spa and wellness facilities. It’s also an easy 10 minute walk from the centre of town. We ate at El Mosquito, a mexican restaurant with a fantastic atmosphere. For such a small town we couldn’t believe that we actually had to wait for a table!

Even if you’re willing to splash the cash on a hotel in Lucerne, I’d still recommend a quick visit to Sursee. It’s a lovely little town to explore, and you won’t be checking sites off a must-see list. You can just relax and enjoy being in Switzerland.

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