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Rice pudding, rice cake, fried rice,  Arroz valenciana and more! Are you getting hungry? Actually, I am not going to talk about food in this matter. Rice is more than just Asians’ staple food, it actually have several beauty benefits. It is scientifically proven that rice can be use in some types of medicine and for beauty regimen.

It was the Japanese and Vietnamese who started using rice as a beauty product even in ancient time. However the difference during the ancient time and today is the ancient people didn’t use pesticides and fertilizers on their rice plantations.  Rice that is grown organically is more recommended for a healthier diet.

So what really makes rice as an effective beautifying produce?  Brown rice can actually bring back the luster of your hair because it contains protein, Vitamins E, B1, B3 and B6, which also promotes healthy skin. Brown rice is also recommended for diabetic patients due to its less sucrose content and in addition to this, brown rice is also ideal for those who are weight conscious because it is less fatty and reach in protein and fiber.

Don’t get me wrong though, I am not telling you to put cooked rice on your hair, save it for dinner. What you need is rice water, which you will have when you rinse the rice before cooking.  It is important to use organic brown rice for this to avoid allergic reaction on your scalp, because some of us are allergic to pesticides and fertilizers.  You do not want to put something unnatural on your hair, do you?  So I strictly recommend organic.

The reasons why rice water can be used are that all the vitamins and minerals of rice will be in there. Save the rice water for you to use as a hair wash. Rice water can also be used as facial cleanser and moisturizer.

Michele Phan, a YouTube beauty blogger/guru, used rice water on here vlog tutorial (“vlog” is a short word for video blog) in youtube. She said that rice water can give a nice glow on your skin. She featured how to make rice water as a cleanser and moisturizing face mask.

Ingredients and materials needed for rice water cleanser and face mask:

  • Organic rice
  • Cotton pads or cotton balls
  • White and clean paper towel
  • A small bowl
  • A cup of pure and clean water
  • An empty clean spice jar or small condiment jar (the container use for pepper and salt)


Rice MaskFill the empty bowl with rice and fill water an inch above the rice. Stir the water and rice together. When the water appears cloudy, strain it to an empty cup and fill it up in the empty condiment container. You have made your homemade rice toner, now you can use it to clean your face by soaking a cotton pad with the rice water toner and pat it on your face in a circular motion.

Don’t throw the leftover rice water yet, you can still use it as a moisturizing face mask. Take out a piece of clean paper towel then cut a circular shape on it just enough to fit your face. Put holes for your eyes, nose and lips, just like what you see on paper face mask that you buy from stores. Soak the paper towel on the rice water for 10 minutes and take it out gently to avoid ripping it. Arrange the paper mask on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

Do these routine at least once a week and you will see the difference it makes on your skin.

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