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Off the shelf, Ole Henriksen range of products shout out loud, “pick me up!” with their uniquely colorful and bold design labels, playing for our attention. With such a large selection of skin care products lining up the shelves these days.

Ole Henriksen

Off the shelf, Ole Henriksen range of products shout out loud, “pick me up!” with their uniquely colorful and bold design labels, playing for our attention. With such a large selection of skin care products lining up the shelves these days, who can blame companies for dressing up their labels to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Apart from the label, it also helps when the brand boasts a lengthy list of celebrity as part of their clientele. From Diana Ross and Madonna all the way to Halle Berry as part of the client base, it would show signs that Hollywood likes Ole Henriksen!

Setup twelve years ago, Ole made his spa products and skin care treatments available to the retail market. Since the brand launched, the products have appeared on the shelves in various boutiques and prominent department stores world wide. The brand is based around the philosophy that nature plus science equals perfect skin. By combining all of these elements – nature, science, beauty and wellness – into the product, Ole Henriksen aims to be a complete lifestyle brand. The products ranges from skin, body and eye care and takes into account different skin types and various skin concerns such as normal / combination, dry / sensitive, oily / blemished, anti aging and hyper pigmentation to name a few.

A frequently sought after solution for wrinkled, dry or matured skin is anti aging products. Anti aging product’s key objectives in skin care are to provide anti oxidants and vitamins to the skin thus boosting collagen production. It is the collagen fiber in the body that produces new, healthy skin cells which in turn fill wrinkles and give youthful looking skin. Ole Hernrksen’s African red tea line does specifically that. Move over green tea, red tea is a more powerful anti oxidant.

Red tea comes from the Rooibos plant. Rooibos, local for ‘red bush’, is native to South Africa and has been used for generations by the locals to make herbal tea called rooibos tea. Naturally sweet and slighty nutty to taste, this tea has high levels of antioxidents such as aspalathin and nothofagin and has been traditionally been used to, among other things, alleviate dermatological problems.

World Spa Red Tea Bushred tea line of products provides an anti aging day and night routine with a foaming cleanser, face crème, sugar scrub, mask and eye cream. The results of the cleanser – exfoliater – moisturizer – firming mask combination, when faithfully used in conjunction, are truly amazing & transformative as they embrace the skin with anti aging ingredients such as anti oxidents, Algisium C, Vitamin C and African red tea.

African red tea seems to be the new ‘it’ that supersedes all other anti oxidant rich ingredients commonly found in anti aging products. However as and when the effect of the anti oxidants wears off or the skin does not get its usual diet of vitamins, over a period of time, the skin does tend to follow the path drawn by the passage of time. Does one’s newly found younger looking skin a temporary effect? Not quite.

We asked Dr. Chan Yee Ting, an expert in skin care with more than 20 years experience as a practicing dermatologist, more about anti aging products and their effects. She commented, “There are many products out there in the market that cater to anti aging, be it nano tech products or organic based products to grandmother recipes in a bottle!. For various skin types and with combinative effects, consumers have a large base to choose from. Every so often there is a new ingredient that comes in which becomes a differentiating factor between the various options. To a great extent marketing and branding create the differences and opinions in the minds of the consumer. The consumer needs to determine what suits one’s skin and look for solutions that cater towards the desired outcome. One should also look at the percentage of organic or natural ingredients in a product as compared to the chemical bases such as preservatives, emulsifiers and mineral oils.”

She adds, “Whatever we apply on our face, the skin absorbs it into the layers of the skin and tissue. The more chemicals we apply to the tissue, the more harmful it is for the body. A move towards organic skin care products is thus beneficial for the anti aging process. A simple proper system of cleansing – exfoliation – moisturizing leads to miracles!”.

World Spa Red Tea Leaves“Red Tea is a strong anti oxidant and does provide a decent anti aging kick start however it needs to be accompanied by a proper diet. Anti aging needs to be targeted from the skin layer and from within the body as well. A proper diet ensures that the body and skin receive a good balance of nutrients and vitamins” she concluded. While applying the African red tea range of products from Ole Henriksen, do keep in mind that diet is not left far behind. minilogo

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