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Spring is beautiful compared to the four temperate seasons. Spring marks the transition from the cold winter to a warm summer. We refer to it as a time for rebirth, renewal and to grow.


The years at the spring and days at the morn, morning at seven,

the hillside’;s dew pearl’d; the lark’s on the wing; the nail’s on the thorn ;
god’s in his heaven – all’s right with world!
Robert Browning (pippas song in “pippa passes)

The above lines testify to the beauty of spring!

Spring is beautiful compared to the four temperate seasons. Spring marks the transition from the cold winter to a warm summer. We refer to it as a time for rebirth, renewal and to grow.

The exact time of the transition can vary depending on the local climate, culture and customs. The north temperate zone experiences spring in the month of March, April & May. The south temperate zone experiences spring in the months of September, October and November. Irrespective, people worldwide celebrate spring with enthusiasm, zeal and happiness. Mesopatamia celebrates festival of Akito or Tammaz. This is related to the harvesting and sowing of barley. Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan celebrate Nowruj, Navroj(new day) during this season. Australia hosts the famous ”Spring Carnival’ in the month of October and November as they are in the southern hemisphere.

Vietnam has the famous Tet festival to enjoy the season of Spring. Sinhalese new year and the Sri Lankan new year is marked in the month of April. Easter or the third day after crucification marks the resurrection of Lord Christ, it’s celebrated between March and April; India hosts the much awaited festival of Basant panchami and Holi with zeal to mark the coming of spring of ”Basant”.Spring

Nature endows this season with utmost beauty; it will not be wrong to say that beauty and love are almost synonymous with this season. William Shakespeare wrote “O,how this spring of love resembleth the uncertain glory of April day !” in ”The two gentlemen of verona”

One can get carried away enjoying the beauty of nature however one should not forget disorders such as indigestion, weakness of joints, arthritis, obesity, diabetics, melancholy, sinusitis, allergies tend to manifest in this season.


Need not panic for there are simple things one needs to keep in mind to stay healthy and fit during this beautiful season! Enjoy natures bounty by consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables: apricots, arugula, asparagus, beets, carrots, turnips, sweet onions, nowel, nettles, grape fruit, green onions, kiwis, cherries, peas, peagrams, nameit just to name a few. Sprouts, a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids should be consumed regularly. Nutritional supplements can also be consumed, with the advice of your physician.

SpringTake care of your skin, pamper your body with herbal baths, vaporize your bath zone with lavender, peppermint androse petals, essential oils and burners! One should avoid staying too long under the sun, saunas, taking long sunbaths etc. Sunscreens creams with spf 15 or above are highly recommended; hat and sunglasses will only enhance the fashionable you – think Johnny Depp. πŸ˜‰

Think of purification: commit to cleanse your life, home and office space. Update or begin an exercise program, the 2011 resolution list may already have a layer of dust on it by now. Start jogging, roller board, aerial trapeze or simply start walking. Deepen the potential spiritual awakening progress – start your day with simple yoga exercises. For pointers visit our Yoga section! Enjoy nature’s bounty of blooming flowers like the beautiful Daffodil, Tulip, Lilac, Wiegela & Cherry bloom. These are some mantras for a rejuvenated mind and body.Spring

IF WINTER COMES, CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND” These words of Percy Bysshe Shelley not only tell us the abundance of beauty spring provides but also the ray of new life and hope that awaits us ……….so go out there and absorb natures renewal to the fullest! minilogo

Aakaanksha Singh
Aakaanksha Singh is a contributor to World Spa.

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