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137 Pillars House (Chiang Mai)

Hospitality, passionately curated

Back in the day, the size of the Lana
Thai-style house was a symbol of wealth.
When searching for a name for the
former Northern office of the East Borneo
Trading Company headquarters, the owner
counted the pillars of the house and the
name 137 Pillars House was born. Your
personal concierge creates tours to suit
every whim be it shopping for the gift of a
lifetime; custom Chef’s Table and culinary
delicacies, including picnics; or simply
walking and exploring the ancient city.
Exquisite suites, named after members
of the East Borneo Trading Company,
harken back to an earlier time. Manicured
gardens provide a welcome oasis featuring
a 25-meter lap pool, while Jack Bain’s Bar,
Cigar Divan and Wine Cellar are divine for
a relaxing night cap.

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