The 100 List 2017 Le Meurice June 2017 · Where we stay says a lot about who we are and shapes not only our experiences but our lives. One small encounter sets us on a course of new adventure in business, love, exploration, and can even change the way we see the world. Whether you want to break all the rules in barefoot luxury with adventures tailored to your wild, and not-so wild side; walk down the aisle on a rustic bridge to the music of nature and elegant I dos; or trip the night fantastic in one of the world’s exciting, vital cities. Your search is over. Come home to The 100 List, our editorial choice of best hotels in the world." />

Eccleston Square Hotel (London)

Millennial hoteliers cater to your
inner geek

Millennial hoteliers Olivia Byrne and her
younger brother James have created what
is billed as London’s smartest hotel. You’ll
understand why as soon as you get your
head around all the incredibly high-tech
amenities like iPad2 in-room concierges to
order up room service and free international
smart phones to place free calls in five
countries. Even the glass is smart in this
sophisticated boutique hotel where a
touch of your hand turns the clear glass
wall opaque between the bathroom and
bedroom. Underfloor heating, flatscreen
TVs embedded in mirrors, and a fun
selection of 3D Blue Ray movies all cater
to your inner geek.

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