October 2017 · The 50 luxurious hotels that grace our annual feature incorporate all that is new and grand. Among some of the most dramatic settings in the world, these magnificent hospitality beacons reimagine the elegant and exotic–seamlessly blending gracious hospitality and local cultures, aesthetics and ecotourism. In the ever-evolving luxury travel landscape, these properties reinvent existing sweetheart destinations and facilitate the opening-up of new locations including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another year, another list, you say. We disagree. Luxuriously living in the moment is an ever-changing art form. Welcome to this year’s best in show–the newest exceptional properties in luxury travel." />

Hotel Pulitzer (Netherlands)

Gracious canal contemporary

Spread over 25 individual houses, around the corner from the Anne Frank house, the gracious Pulitzer Amsterdam welcomes guests with gardens that reflect a Dutch love affair with flowers. The picturesque environment, between two canals, gorgeous open spaces and contemporary lines will have you feeling part of a masterpiece. Fun artwork nods to Amsterdam’s past dotting the property, adding fun to muted colours. Rest your head in any of their wideranging rooms from the cosy to spacious, complete with complimentary bicycle tire puncture repair kits. Delight in an afternoon canal tour on the hotel’s breathtaking 1920s mahogany vessel. Pulitzer’s Bar, a local favourite, will make you feel like gentry. Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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