The 100 List 2017 Le Meurice June 2017 · Where we stay says a lot about who we are and shapes not only our experiences but our lives. One small encounter sets us on a course of new adventure in business, love, exploration, and can even change the way we see the world. Whether you want to break all the rules in barefoot luxury with adventures tailored to your wild, and not-so wild side; walk down the aisle on a rustic bridge to the music of nature and elegant I dos; or trip the night fantastic in one of the world’s exciting, vital cities. Your search is over. Come home to The 100 List, our editorial choice of best hotels in the world." />

J.K. Place Rome

The glory of Rome

Step into the heart of Rome and become
part of her glorious history with a stay
in rooms and suites like the JK Master
Room, featuring sophisticated furniture
by architect Michele Bonan, Rosewood
canopy beds, exquisite Italian marble
bathrooms with double sinks, and spacious
showers. The Master Room provides a
beautiful retreat with a comfortable, elegant
seating area. Colourful, modern yet cosy
JK Cafe brings a contemporary sensibility
to dining with farm-to-table Italian cuisine
that is refined yet playful. Your address on
Via Monte D’ Oro places you front and
centre to one of the world’s ancient treasure
troves of history. Enjoy your address, close
to the Spanish Steps and not far from the
Colosseum where a behind-the-scenes
tour finds you navigating her underground
labyrinth on one of the hotel’s ten special
tours. Luxurious accommodations for
gatherings also provide intimate spaces
which make the hotel a unique venue for
celebrations in the Eternal City.

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