September 2016 · From the remote and less frequented islands of Thailand to the unending expanse of the Caribbean beaches of the Dominican Republic, there is so much in between to see and be humbled by. World Travel Magazine highlights a selection of 50 luxury properties across the world that are currently pushing the trend in opulence and style. The beauty of nature and the temptation of exploring the wilderness has been man’s basic instinct. Capitalising on this potential, governments, hoteliers and naturalists have come together in many of the properties on this list to preserve the environment and at the same time make it accessible. Many of the properties are designated UNESCO protected sites. Beaches, forests, vibrant cities, popular tourist friendly townships and old restored properties are featured here as well. It is a fascinating read for it reveals not just options for the traveller but also the zest, endurance and passion that went in to transform a vision into life." />

Mandapa (Bali)

This Ritz-Carlton luxury reserve could not have been a better ambassador for the multifaceted charms of Ubud, capturing the magic of Bali where seclusion, peace and revelry all have a place of their own.

Housed in the arts and crafts district, it is surrounded by intricately carved temples, rice paddy fields and an abundance of natural beauty. At the Mandapa, you are perfectly poised to embark on an experiential trail that allows you to discover hidden temples, get a panoramic view from atop an active volcano and take a boat ride on the mighty Ayung River.

Here, less is more and there is unadulterated joy in doing simple things like walking, yoga, reading and swimming while soaking in the silence and aromatic air. For food, there is a rich fare of Indonesian dishes. At Mandapa, you get to live the Balinese way of life and carry back memories that will last a lifetime.

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