October 2017 · The 50 luxurious hotels that grace our annual feature incorporate all that is new and grand. Among some of the most dramatic settings in the world, these magnificent hospitality beacons reimagine the elegant and exotic–seamlessly blending gracious hospitality and local cultures, aesthetics and ecotourism. In the ever-evolving luxury travel landscape, these properties reinvent existing sweetheart destinations and facilitate the opening-up of new locations including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another year, another list, you say. We disagree. Luxuriously living in the moment is an ever-changing art form. Welcome to this year’s best in show–the newest exceptional properties in luxury travel." />

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa (India)

Unrivalled luxury oasis

Each of the 60 generous villas, rooms and tents showcases local artisan artwork and designs as well as the latest in technology. Enjoy temperature-controlled tents and villas with private pools and lavish Mughal and Rajput inspired architecture. Nestled in 8,000 acres of natural forest located in Chandigarh, the resort boasts landscaped gardens and a spa with water, glass and fire features offering the latest massage therapies and Ayurveda with an infrared sauna, steam, hydrotherapy and a Turkish hammam. Live traditional music and al fresco seating with stunning views of the forest set the mood while the Raunaq Bar elegantly pays homage to Sikh warriors. Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, Punjab, India

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