May 2016 · A luxury hotel is a place to enjoy flawless hospitality, a luxuriantly comfortable bed, gourmet food and classy interiors. It is an experience to behold, exclusive and a treat to be savoured, with an extra dose of panache. World Travel Magazine’s editorial team compiles the annual 100 List of best luxury hotels across the world – from the wildlife parks of Kenya to the pristine beaches of Seychelles, from the buzzing streets of Manhattan to the secluded islands of Santorini. Each of these luxury villas, hotels, resorts and lodges aims to redefine luxury in their own unique ways." />

Segera Retreat (Kenya)

Segera lies at the heart of Laikipia Plateau, nestled in wooded savannah and grasslands between the majestic Mount Kenya to the east and Great Rift Valley to the west. The region boasts woodlands, grasslands and fertile riverbeds attracting herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, warthog and other native species through the year. The wildlife sanctuary offers utmost luxury amidst natural beauty and personal enrichment from conscientious, sustainable living.

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