September 2016 · From the remote and less frequented islands of Thailand to the unending expanse of the Caribbean beaches of the Dominican Republic, there is so much in between to see and be humbled by. World Travel Magazine highlights a selection of 50 luxury properties across the world that are currently pushing the trend in opulence and style. The beauty of nature and the temptation of exploring the wilderness has been man’s basic instinct. Capitalising on this potential, governments, hoteliers and naturalists have come together in many of the properties on this list to preserve the environment and at the same time make it accessible. Many of the properties are designated UNESCO protected sites. Beaches, forests, vibrant cities, popular tourist friendly townships and old restored properties are featured here as well. It is a fascinating read for it reveals not just options for the traveller but also the zest, endurance and passion that went in to transform a vision into life." />

The Gainsborough Bath Spa (England)

Set in the heart of the beautiful city of Bath, The Gainsborough Bath Spa remains faithful to the gorgeous Georgian architecture of its time, complementing it with stunning interiors and excellent service.

Occupying two Grade II listed buildings with inspiring Georgian and Victorian façades in the heart of the World Heritage Site, the luxury hotel, named after the artist, Sir Thomas Gainsborough, has the privilege of having access to the natural thermal, mineral-rich waters. The property has partnered with some of the best names in the industry to develop its spa facilities, get Michelin starred chefs for its restaurants and interior specialists to plan its business and banquet areas. Beyond its walls, a wealth of history set in the most pristine English countryside is ready to be explored. From its legendary beginnings around a thermal spring with waters that healed a swineherd prince to a magnificent Georgian playground that catered to aristocracy and commoners, Bath has endured for over 2,000 years as a leisure and wellness destination. The city and its stories reveal an intriguing insight into its many historical influences that have been shaped over centuries by warriorkings and merchant corporations.

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