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Lifestyles are changing drastically and each one of us is getting progressively busier in struggling for a better life.

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats

Lifestyles are changing drastically and each one of us is getting progressively busier in struggling for a better life. We are getting much less time to eat in the twenty four hours of the day; and even less time to give a sensible thought to what we are supposed to eat. The current generation is hardly conscious enough of the nourishment of their diet. Junk food, believed to be tastier than the prescribed foods, is getting increasingly popular not only in the younger age group but also amongst the other age groups.


The fast food culture is extremely risky for a good & health lifestyle. So what then is one supposed to eat to meet out the basic requirements of the body and maintain a decent level of healthiness? The answer is simple yet complex at the same time, a headline statement will not do justice to such an important subject. All the nourishment the body needs cannot be met by a single kind of food group or one type of diet. The body needs a range of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. These nutrients are essential for the ideal growth and development of the body and for attaining the luxury of living life with minimal health related issues.

Nature has provided us with an abundance of food types varying pleasingly in taste, color and benefits. The simplest and yet one of the most complex form of such food is the fruit. A fruit is a naturally occurring food with innumerable benefits that lead to good health. It’s a freshly packed food in nature’s supermarket that can be consumed raw without any preparation or cooking.

The key component of the fruit is water. It is recommended to consume six to eight glasses of water daily. This naturally helps to flush out the toxins and nitrogenous wastes from the body more easily and effectively.


A number of fruits are high in potassium content that assists the body to maintain a normal blood pressure. Fibrous fruits relieve the body from digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea and abdominal pain; help to keep heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancer away from the body. Fruits in a diet reduces the cholesterol levels of the body and increases the immunity system i.e. gives more strength to the body to fight diseases.

If one of your objects is to reduce weight and extra fats in the body then fruits are an ideal diet for you. Fruits contain almost negligible amounts of fat and are low in calories. If you are likely to you eat approximately a third of your diet as combinations of fruit, you are most likely to notice a significant weight loss over a period of time.

Fruits are a treasure chest of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants; they are absorbed relatively easily by our internal system. Fresh and naturally ripened fruits are a great solution for a complete diet.

Fruits provide immense amounts of energy and thus a complete diet of fruits is the first preference for sportsmen. Fruits release energy slowly and over an extended period of time ensuring that you do not get hungry anytime soon. The need for snacking in-between meals is reduced and it is easier to stick to diets and eat less junk food.


Fruits contain natural enzymes and anti oxidants that cut down on the free radicals in our body. This ensures that we have healthy growth of cells. It is essential to

  • Find organically grown fruits in your local supermarket. Organic fruits contain lesser amounts of chemical preservatives and growth hormones.
  • Eat fruits in their natural form of occurrence and with their skin whenever possible. This increases the amount of nutrient consumption.
  • It is advised to eat at least five to eight pieces of fruit every day. You should aim to keep a gap of about two hours between eating fruits and your meals.

Nutrition is not a one-stop solution for a healthier life style. One should reduce if not cut the use of tobacco. One needs to exercise a few times a week and have a good night’s rest. However nutrition cannot be given less priority and a balanced nutrition is essential for a healthy life. Fruits are readily available and stocked in all supermarkets and local shops.

There is no other food group that is more beneficial in enhancing the functional efficiency of the body and the mental health of the body simultaneously. Do yourself a big favor the next time you feel the urge to sink your teeth into junk food, pick up a fruit and much away!


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