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Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside” – Albert Schweitzer.Yoga the Cure is dedicated to bringing you the health benefits of Yoga.

Yoga for Soul

“Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside” – Albert Schweitzer.

Yoga the Cure is dedicated to bringing you the health benefits of Yoga. And the health benefits of yoga are vast and great, a gift that keeps in giving.

What is yoga?
Yoga is a school of Hindu philosophy that advocates and prescribes ancient ultimate principle. Or, put another way: The Hindu culture, over thousands and thousands of years, has developed a bunch of dynamic and super cool ways to obtain health and happiness. We want to share what little we know of this with you! (Many people have spent many lifetimes studying yoga—wait, we don’t really believe in reincarnation. Never mind that.)

How can you enjoy the health benefits of yoga?
A daily yoga practice involves asanas, (postures) and Pranayama, (breathing exercises). These work to tune your body, all parts of it. For many people this gift of yoga health is reminiscent of the health they felt as a child; you become lighter, stronger, more flexible and energetic, full of life and laughter. A daily yoga practice brings joy, what we call yoga bliss and this joy begins to spread to the rest of your life.
Science is finally catching up to the astonishing health benefits of yoga. Yoga does indeed cure just about everything and we have the scientific studies to prove it:

  • Yoga doesn’t just improve cardio-vascular health, but numerous studies have shown that a daily yoga practice actually reverses cardio-vascular disease. (Especially with a vegetarian diet.) Yoga lowers blood pressure, often better than the most powerful medicine and greatly improves circulation, increasing oxygen to the muscles and other tissues.
  • Yoga triggers weight loss naturally. No dieting necessary!
  • Yoga improves your sex life, both performance and enjoyment.
  • Yoga has been shown to effectively cure insomnia, often working better than prescription sleeping pills.
  • Yoga relieves, reduces or eliminates the following conditions and symptoms:
  • Relieves back pain. Yoga often cures lower back pain.
  • Knee problems.
  • Shoulders problems.
  • Hand problems. Carpel tunnel anyone? Yoga banishes it!
  • Headaches, both migraine and tension headaches. Yoga has also been shown to positively affect sinus headaches, but only after developing a daily yoga practice.
  • Digestive problems, including constipation, diarrhea, stomach problems, and acid reflex disease.
  • PMS and most menopausal symptoms.
  • The fatigue associated with MS and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Seniors grow younger with our online, totally free Silver Senior program.
  • Yoga is a union of body and mind and perhaps the most important is how yoga improves our mental health. A daily yoga practice virtually eliminates depression and greatly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It tremendously helps quit smoking programs and aids drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

How does yoga work its magic?yogatheans02Day by day, yoga begins to fine tune the body. Blood and oxygen flow to your organs increases and these organs begin working better. (Including and especially the brain!) The skeletal system comes into alignment. Muscles become toned, working more efficiently. The nervous system is stimulated, then soothed. Hormones come into balance. Breath deepens during practice and this deeper breath continues off the mat and into daily life. Fat and appetites decrease, especially when you adopt a vegetarian diet. (This is guaranteed!) You begin feeling lighter and healthier and this affects life choices.

Yoga is not a miracle, but it can cause miracles. It is not a religion, but practitioners often find themselves more deeply connected to their faiths or to the spiritual aspect of our nature.

Yoga is a gift of health and well-being. It is our mission to help you find your yoga bliss.

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