Cruising Bali In Style

Alila Seminyak caught me by surprise. The appeal, approach and the ambience was similar to any other upmarket hotel I had been to in the region, and somehow it was very much different from the rest at the same time. It took me more than a day of experiencing Alila Seminyak’s hospitality to get a handle on the dynamics that make this place exceptional.

Located in the vibrant and upmarket element of Bali, sandwiched between the Seminyak beach in the front and residential houses at the back slowly converting themselves into simple diners, with popular clubs on one side, boutique shops and an eclectic mix of cafes by the hundreds on the other side each creatively decked out; there is a lot going on to process simultaneously, in a short amount of space and time.

Progressing inside the hotel, the liveliness of the environment flows through and somewhere along the way,

breaks chorus, becomes laid back, relaxed and cool. From the blue and white linen dress code of the staff indicating informal-ness (well, you are at a beach destination, so why not), the hip bar stool style mini café in the main lobby to the three swimming pools and the ocean breeze in your face, it’s all a surprisingly pleasing open platform.

The subtle impression one gets as one spends time in Alila Seminyak is as if the staff are specially trained to make guests feel carefree, not a simple feat to accomplish. The rooms are modern and no-nonsense straight forward, the staff courteous and the promised Balinese sunset prospect well worth the wait at the beach bar.

The beach bar is a must hang out place, relax with a drink while chilling out on the sofas, bean bags and sun loungers by the pool. Other than the serene spa and sea facing restaurant, it is highly recommended to sign

up for Alila Experience, a unique approach of discovering Bali, even for seasoned Bali-lovers. The preferred way exploring in style is to cruise the city in a fully restored vintage 1980 Volkswagen Kombi hippie-mobile limousine. The Rom-antique Roadshow Alila Experience, with an expert staff on hand and a driver, takes one on a guided cruise through the rice fields, visiting a 17th century fertility temple built on a rock in the ocean en route to an afternoon of music, drinks, shopping and relaxation. Visit secluded beaches known only to the select few regulars and relax in unique restaurant-bars that one would normally stumble upon by chance and count the experience as the highlight of their trip.

There is no end to good food, great night life and art induced shopping in Seminyak, with Alila at the epicentre of this remarkable tropical Bali experience.

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