Eaton Hong Kong’s New Addition

Apart from offering exclusive services, the four-starred Eaton has strategically adorned its walls and halls with a visual feast of photography, paintings and sculptures by China’s foremost artists. These art pieces not only give an aesthetic value to the hotel but also allow the guests to learn more about each artwork by scanning the QR codes that link to descriptions to match each piece. The new addition in the collection of a stainless sculpture “Living World Series – Swimming” masterpiece by leading Taiwanese artist Ju Ming is now displayed in the Hotel’s Exert Fitness Centre.

The finely polished sculpture’s reflective nature denotes to the delicate skin texture of a woman while also sharing the shapes and colors of her surroundings. By adding the black and white elements to the pieces, Ju Ming made her even more elegant and pleasing to eye.

Adding to its properties, Ju Ming said, “Stainless steel has a sense of time and it reflects the vibrant colour and light of the city. Compared to wood, it can vividly show the dynamics of the figure”,

Sculpture art lovers can explore more art piece highlights in the hotel, such as “Childhood – Aubade”, “Smile” from “Red Memory Series” by Chen, Wenling, “Beneath The Flow”, “Can I Fly” and “San San Series” by Liao Yi Bai, “Buddha on the Cloud” and “Dwarf Series” by Luo Zhen Hong.

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