Editor's Note Aug Sept 2017

In Love with Asia – Editor’s Note

I love Asia. From the Suez Canal to the edge of the vast Pacific Ocean, home to more than 4 billion of us, Asia is a honeycomb of treasure simply impossible to relish in one life time. The diversity, richness and depth in its culture, landscape, sights, aroma, music and of course the food …. The FOOD! Invasions have been orchestrated and empires grown simply because of the Asian flavours that have attracted many from far and beyond. Asia is home to better airports, better hospitality, better resorts… I could go on. Comparing the different cultures and I could get in trouble.

Taking a sample of experiences from South East Asia, a couple of nibbles from China, town hopping in India and surfing along the blue coast of paradise islands sprinkled all over, and one starts to draw broad outlines of the beautiful Asia. Mention Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok & Mumbai and one begins to add all the right curves in all the right places.

Say the word ‘shop’ and the wish list rolls out: Arts & Antiquing in Bangkok, designer clothes – not just the big brands but the tiny boutiques too in Hong Kong, to shop in style then shop in Seoul, shopping in Mumbai with your BFF is maddeningly fun and Singapore for everything in between. Asia has got you covered.

The wish list for travel destinations, the mandatory fields here being style, luxurious, wow factor– yup, Asia has got you covered there as well. Phuket’s Nai Harn, a fine luxury hotel, Keemala Phuket embracing eco-friendly with luxury, Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui with its traditional Thai Village in an ultra luxe twist, Amanbagh in Alwar near Jaipur in all its regal glory & tradition cuisine and Shangri- La Singapore for the quintessential city experience. Asia’s hospitality industry is second to none. The new Asia mantra seems to be Eat-Shop-Love-Travel and pray the cycle continues!

The new Asia mantra seems to be Eat-Shop-Love-Travel and pray the cycle continues!


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