Patina’s Much Anticapted 360° Concierge

Combining the hardware with “heartware” through the emphasis of unique product offerings matched with service dedication, The Patina, Capitol Singapore is set to wow guests with bespoke one-to-one intuitive service through The Patina 360º Concierge™; where each hotel employee is a unique ambassador who goes beyond ordinary concierge support to serve as a personal host to every guest.

Tapping on their knowledge of local culture and trends, ambassadors are encouraged to capitalise on their personal passions to assist guests with similar interests. This extraordinary service stems from The Patina’s deep belief in creating inspiring, authentic local experiences rooted in the delight of discovery.

Leading this concept as a key role model is Tracy Lowe, General Manager of The Patina, Capitol Singapore, who is a firm believer of maximising talents. “Each ambassador’s unique character is maximized and put forth to our guests, showcasing their individuality and creating a sense of pride and ownership. In this way our guests will experience the genuine hospitality stemming from within each of our ambassadors.”

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