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Is it possible to be completely relaxed? An hour’s ferry hop away from Singapore, in Bintan, with Sanchaya’s signature treats, it is indeed possible. Welcome to a colonial era haven on the sandy white shores of Bintan.

It is the allure of exclusiveness and luxury that draws the select few to Sanchaya. The exclusiveness starts from the moment one steps into the ferry terminal at Bintan. Sanchaya’s secluded lounge and its artisans ensure a seamless, hassle-free immigration clearance and luggage collection, while you rest on the leather sofas enjoying a refreshing cup of exotic tea, far away from the prying eyes of the crowd. The experience is akin to the British Raj days, the officers lounge, drink and plan while the efficient butlers execute the mundane, administrative tasks at hand.

The luxury stands tall and proud, nestled by tall palm trees, with beautiful British colonial style great house and surrounding villas complete with a flare of Malaysian,

Brunei, Cambodian and Myanmar art, conveying tropical tranquillity in style. This is a retreat on a quite white sandy beach, perfect for isolation with the best in Indonesian hospitality.

Anshuman Narayan, Estate Manager in Sanchaya reiterated “Our guests feel like they are coming home or visiting a close friend. Our staff, whom we refer to as “companions” and “artisans”, are already made aware of our “residents” personal preferences prior to their arrival, contributing to unsurpassed levels of service and attention to detail in this luxurious estate. The Sanchaya is much more than a resort. During travels to Asia, the story collecting travellers, built a collection of art, books and other artefacts. The Sanchaya means “collection” in Sanskrit and, to me personally, it’s about the collection of tangible memories stemming from travel. Guests can touch it, read it and share it.”

The Sanchaya experience can be summarised by its signature elements,

be it present in the villas, cuisine, bar or spa. Every dish prepared is exceptional food that lights up the taste buds. Their take on the cocktails in the colonial themed bar overlooking the pool is interesting. The late afternoons are ideally set to explore their pre-prohibition era from the 1800’s and post-prohibition 1920-1940 drinks, showcasing classic cocktails such as B&B, Pegu Club and Negroni. The Sanchaya straight-ups are their plantation picked martinis including Honey & Passion Sidecar and Islanddry Martini.

On the subject of relaxation, the Sanchaya Signature treatment in the spa is by far, one of the best that can be experienced. Warm Java volcanic stones warm the body tissues followed by relaxing long stroke movements massage combined with forearm pressure and Sanchaya signature oil completely de-stresses all the senses. It’s a debate whether one should experience this at the start of, during or closer to the end of this tropical getaway. It is a dilemma.

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