The Unique Guide To Switzerland

Home to one of the world’s happiest populations on the globe with a natural bounty of mountains and valleys,Switzerland holds one of the best luxury travel experiences for ou. The beautiful landlocked central European country is known for its friendly people, mouth-watering rich chocolates, cuckoo clocks and everything else that just works, always.Conversation about witzerland cannot be complete without a reference to The Alps.

They take up over half of the country. The highest point that they reach is at Mont Blanc and it is gigantically 15,774 feet tall! It borders Germany, Austria, Italy and Lichtenstein.Switzerland is bestowed with a range of experiences to be had. You can go shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, a mile long shopping street, go on hikes in the Alps, visit museums,ski and paraglide and much more. Mountain resorts, lakes,forests, castles, ancient and modern architecture make this federal republic an excellent tourist estination.When it comes to sports and adventure, Switzerland is invariably skiing at its most modest, with its slice of the Alps boasting some of the most luxurious and glamorous skiresorts and location in the world, all set against a backdrop of towering peaks and rolling mountainsides.

Thinking about the most beautiful destinations in the world, Switzerland would hold its irreplaceable position.Nothing beats the blend of a pleasing location and a spa and wellness retreat. The country made famous for watches and chocolates also presents abundence for the spa and wellnessminded travellers.One would imagine that the pristine weather, excellent food,the topography and the outdoors would naturally correlate to a healthy Swiss! Wellness is in-fact a lifestyle dating back hundreds of years in Switzerland.

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