Vegas’s exclusive supercar track

The 40 million tourists that visit Las Vegas, the much coveted entertainment capital of the world, will get a brand new attraction to indulge their adventurous streak. SpeedVegas is all set to activate its engines in March 2016, with the 1.5-mile supercar track that is part of the $30 million motorsports complex. Replete with a multilevel welcome centre, an event centre that can accommodate as many as 1,000 guests, a stylish café and much more, the 100-acre supercar driving experience is sure to get the sporty side up for visitors who seek a thrilling racing experience.

The destination will offer an entire speed encounter with activities that include drifting, demonstrations, simulators and driving the world’s most sought-after exotic and muscle cars. Bringing your driving fantasies alive on a real racetrack, SpeedVegas allows you to pick the latest model of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Corvette, Shelby and Nissan, don the car racers’ safety gear and hop into the drivers’ seat.

From here on, you are at the controls as you push the accelerator and cruise on the exclusive 1.5 mile racetrack where there are no speed limits (upto 135 mph). You can drive five laps, or add more, skilfully navigating corners, turns and elevations, using high-speed straights, gut-wrenching sweeps and tight, stamp-onthe- brakes deceleration zones.

With a professional coach in sight and safety regulations that are adhered to, safety is not compromised in any way though fun and an adrenalin pumping experience sure is guaranteed.

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