Weekend Break in Bintan

Short break destinations within an hour or two away with limited fuss over travel is an essential endeavour that should be exercised every so often, a punctuation if you will as the calendar of weeks roll by. The short distance allows for optimal use of the weekend time set aside for seeking refuge in a relaxing setting that is preferably different from the one that is lived in during the weekdays. The travel with limited fuss would mean not adding more stress to the pre-defined objective of relaxing during the short break or weekend getaway.

For most, a drive to a nearby city or a short haul flight tend to be the quick and straight answer. For Singapore, the nearby islands of Indonesia are now becoming the preferred response to this requirement of short break destinations. The islands of Batam and Bintan have been on the vocabulary of Singaporeans for decades, synonymous previously with seafood, low-cost industry and laid back life. Now Bintan is moulding itself to be a byword for no-fuss international getaway, hotels and resorts, fun, adventure and cuisine with Bintan Resorts the flag bearer of this movement. Bintan Resorts owns and manages the efficient ferry connectivity between Singapore and Bintan. The company also owns and manages an integrated tropical resort destination along the northern coast of this island, currently featuring ten independent beach resorts, four designer golf courses, not to mention a range of recreational facilities and other attractions.

Barely an hour away by ferry from Singapore, the whole pre & post airport travel routine is cut to a no – nonsense good ol’ fashioned sailing adventure across the sea, island hopping for the weekend. The ferries are well maintained, professionally manned and of international repute. The resort options available under Bintan Resorts are many, from the renowned Banyan Tree, the luxury colonial style estate ‘The Sanchaya’, the premium tent themed ‘The Canopi’, Holiday Villa Pantai Indah, Bintan Lagoon Resort and others. Between spa, golf, shopping, water sports, kayaking, go carting, trekking or just relaxing by the beach with a signature cocktail, the range and scope of activities to keep one engaged and refreshed are vast. As a destination which is simply an hour away by ferry from Singapore, offering international destination with Indonesian hospitality, Bintan Resorts will feature high on traveller’s short haul destination preferences.

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