A Nordic Escape – Nature Answers Life’s Intimate Queries

by | Aug 14, 2023

Tracing Lineage, Landscape, and Luminescence: A Nordic Journey of Personal Revelation, From Fjords to Northern Fantasies

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Norwegian Notes: Of Aurora Nights and Viking Insights. Journeying deep into Nordic wonder, I found myself. Lost in the realms of Norse mythology and studded with icy fjords, endless green forests, and mirrored lakes, the Nordic region unfolds as an inspirational tale of the primal bond between man and nature.

As I disembarked from the plane at Tromsø Airport, Norway greeted me with the ethereal luminescence of an Arctic dawn. The crisp morning air, rich with the scent of pine and the cold sea, was a rejuvenating welcome to this majestic land.

A Voyage into the Heart of Tromsø: The Fjord’s Lullaby and Wildlife’s Serenade

Embarking on a classic mahogany boat, we set sail onto the Arctic Sea, the stunning fjords and straits of Tromsø beckoning us. Each moment was a sensory delight: from the taste of delectable Arctic fish and warming drinks to the myriad of birds we spotted, including sea eagles, guillemots, and eider ducks. The playful antics of puffins, the graceful swim of dolphins, and the distant silhouette of reindeer by the shore made it an unforgettable experience.

Places like Lyngen and Ulls, where the fjords showcased their most dramatic beauty, reflected not just the natural grandeur but also my introspective journey through Norway. Serenity overwhelmed me, making me realize my minuscule existence amidst this vast cosmic tale.


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Under the Aurora’s Embrace in Norway: A Husky Night to Remember in Tromsø

In the heart of Tromsø’s wilderness, the husky camp was alight with more than just the campfire’s glow. The sky unfurled a symphony of colours, the Northern Lights dancing above with an elegance I could hardly fathom. Relaxing by the campfire, the toasted marshmallows felt like a sweet complement to the visual feast above. The resident dogs, each vying for attention, added a playful touch to the evening’s magic.

In the warmth of an authentic lavvo (Sami tent), we sipped on steaming drinks, our gazes often drifting upwards, entranced by the Aurora’s ballet. And as if the evening couldn’t get more Norwegian, we were served a hearty dish of bacalao made with tomato and cod, the perfect endnote to a Nordic night out.

But what stole the show, you ask? The Northern Lights? Well, certainly, it’s hard to compete with a celestial light show that could give Vegas a run for its money. Or was it the cruise, with its cast of seals, otters, and a plethora of birdlife, that put any Disney animation to shame?


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All of these made my Nordic escapade an unforgettable tour de force. I can’t help but think of this journey as one for the glossy pages and Instagram reels. Concluding this Nordic escapade, I find myself slightly more Viking, a bit more wanderer, and definitely several notches up in my appreciation for a good pair of thermal socks. Safe travels, and may your inner compass always point north! ◼

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