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by | Jan 11, 2017

There are more reasons for travellers to fall in love with cruising the open seas.

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There are more reasons for travellers to fall in love with cruising the open seas. With luxurious suites, exciting onboard and on-shore activities, interesting itineraries, fine dining and entertainment, it is much easier to keep the whole family engaged while on a family vacation on board a cruise liner. Cruises are not just restricted to the oceans, sailing along the major rivers in style has an old world charm, well not so old given the yachts in question are modern with all the tech amenities one would hope for. More cruise terminals being launched in recent times and a larger variety of cruise ships of varying sizes means more ports and coasts are now accessible for the new age cruise traveller.

Luxury on Today’s High Sea

By Gwen Pratesi
Today’s cruise ships, particularly in the luxury market, have impressive options for on board dining, wellness and enrichment programs, and the opportunity to explore the world’s ports of call with local experts and experience cultural immersion not previously offered before in cruising. Theme cruises are also popular, especially those with a culinary, wine and beverage focus, and feature guest chefs and sommeliers, along with unique itineraries. Many lines are also now offering all-inclusive fares and include tips, all meals (even at upscale restaurants), select wines with lunch and dinner, and house pour cocktails. Most will charge additional fees for premium beverages and vintage wines and on shore excursions or private tours, but this all-inclusive pricing makes cruising an even more attractive option for travellers and yet another reason to set sail on a cruise. Here are some of the latest trends, new ships, and programs offered in the luxury cruise market and comparisons between several different lines. Each has their own niche and on board ambience and feel, and some travellers, once they find a style of cruising that best ts their lifestyle and interests, stay loyal to the brand as most cruise lines offer special incentives and discounts to their repeat customers, including discounted or free airfare from select gateways. Featuring Silversea – All inclusive ultra luxury, Crystal Cruises – Luxury and beyond, Windstar – Casual luxury, Viking Cruises – Exploring your world…

In Conversation with the team behind Dream Cruises

All the luxury elements of Genting Dream, from entertainment, fine dining, designer suites, spas to zip lines…

Getting the most out of your Cruise experience

By Taru Bhal
The wide selection of cruises and quality of ships has expanded greatly over the years. Catering to only the well-heeled is now passé as more and more people hop on the cruise bandwagon and experience for themselves the fact that the world has become more affordable and accessible for even the average traveller. For those wanting to retain the exclusive cruise experience, there are small ship options, but the mini city-sized cruises with a buzz of activity, accommodating more than 5000 people, replete with restaurants, theatres, and other facilities, offer a wide range of activities for those that can keep pace. For those in search of a more affordable option, there are ships and itineraries customised to this market as well. A successful cruise starts with understanding your goals and planning accordingly…

Indulgent Cruise in Tasmania’s Heritage

By Fiona Harper
Tasmania’s Southwest National Park is almost four times larger than Singapore, twice the size of Hong Kong. Unlike these urbanised cities however, humans are heavily outweighed in this UNESCO World Heritage park. Landing at Melaleuca’s gravel airstrip, about an hour south of Hobart, in a ten-seater Britten Norman Islander our small group virtually doubles the entire park’s human population…

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