Ayeyarwady river cruise’s return

The Ayeyarwady, also known as ‘The Elephant River’ begins at the top of the snow-capped Himalayas and flows through 1550 kms across Myanmar, giving you a chance to feast on magnificent temples, pagodas, stupas, monasteries and nats. There is so much history and folklore here that many flock down to the river just to get vignettes of its past.

Strand Cruise is the latest Luxury Cruise to sail the Ayeyarwady. As you embark on this river journey, stopping by in quaint villages, you will be reminded of the glory that its sister property, The Strand Hotel in Yangon enjoyed. It was known as the finest hostelry ‘East of the Suez’ and was patronised by royalty.

In 1988, the Strand was sold and renovated extensively to return it to its former glory. By 1993, it reopened as an all-suite deluxe boutique hotel, being faithful to its original architectural heritage.

In 2016, the Strand Cruise was announced, bringing alive the legacy of The Strand Hotel with its comfort, discreet personalised service and design touches that impressed many explorers and raconteurs. As a guest aboard the Strand Cruise, you must make the Upper Deck your preferred place of retreat. Here, landscapes can be enjoyed while indulging in relaxing activities.

In the middle of book reading, sipping a cocktail or swimming, you can throw in a session of massage, foot reflexology or other wellness and fitness activities that promise to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Each cabin adorned with period art, provides a magnificent view and is equipped with modern luxuries and butler service.

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