Banyan Tree AlUla – Luxury glamping amidst AlUla’s dunes

by | Oct 26, 2022

Nestled in the Ashar Valley just a few metres away from Maraya, experience luxury glamping amidst AlUla's stunning natural beauty. Indulge in various activities or retire to your spacious luxury tent villa.

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AlUla, a historic location known for its rock formations and UNESCO World Heritage site Hegra, is now home to the luxurious Banyan Tree AlUla resort. Located in the Ashar Valley, just a few metres away from Maraya, the resort offers luxury glamping experiences amidst AlUla’s stunning natural beauty.

Guests can indulge in various activities, including exploring AlUla’s ancient history, hot air balloon rides over the ancient ridges and camel trekking through AlUla’s dunes. And when it’s time to rest and recharge, guests can retreat to their spacious luxury tent villas, complete with private plunge pools and unparalleled views of the surrounding desert landscape. Banyan Tree AlUla proves that luxury knows no bounds, even in the middle of AlUla’s rugged terrain.

Luxury tent villas, refined dining and wadi-style rock pool at Banyan Tree AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Banyan Tree AlUla’s all-villa 47 luxury tented resort is a one-of-a-kind experience inspired by the nomadic lifestyle of the Nabataeans. Each luxury villa boasts terra-cotta walls and sand-coloured canvas, with handcrafted Arabian-inspired antiques adding to the authentic atmosphere. Guests can choose from one to three-bedroom tent villas, each with its own private pool, external fire pit, and stunning views of the desert and mountains. This is the closest you will get to a nomadic Arabian lifestyle in modern luxury.

Banyan Tree AlUla Three Bedroom Villa

Banyan Tree AlUla Three Bedroom Villa

Banyan Tree AlUla One Bedroom Villa

Banyan Tree AlUla One Bedroom Villa

Banyan Tree AlUla offers an immersive spa experience like no other. Imagine receiving a massage inside a cave formed thousands of years ago or relaxing in a stunning rock pool surrounded by towering sandstone mountains. Banyan Tree’s sound baths, held under the stars, provide the ultimate escape from daily stresses and noise pollution.

Banyan Tree AlUla Rock Pool

Banyan Tree AlUla Rock Pool

The Banyan Tree AlUla boasts two incredible dining experiences. Saffron, the property’s signature Thai restaurant, offers a fine dining experience with traditional Thai cuisine by Thai chefs. For those looking for something more casual, Harrat offers all-day dining with a modern twist on traditional Arabic cuisine, set in a rustic ambience.

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Unique Experiences at AlUla

AlUla’s hot air balloon experiences offer a unique way to take in the region’s beauty from above. Perfect for couples or groups, picnics in the sky provide a stunning aerial view during the day and stargazing at night with clear desert skies. If a hot air balloon isn’t enough of a thrill, AlUla also offers vintage plane and helicopter adventures. Soar over AlUla’s ancient sites and marvel at their breathtaking beauty from the sky. Whether you go for a peaceful float or an adrenaline-pumping flight, AlUla’s aerial experiences will leave lasting memories.

Banyan Tree Opening ceremony at Alula

Banyan Tree Opening ceremony at Alula

AlUla, located in the Al-Madinah region of Saudi Arabia, is a hidden gem rich in history and culture. The ancient city was once a vital crossroad for traders and served as the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. Today, AlUla has been transformed into a booming tourist destination thanks to the world’s largest mirrored building, Maraya, a concert hall like no other. This unique structure offers a stunning reflection of AlUla’s famed rocky desert landscapes. In addition to Maraya, visitors can also explore AlUla’s ancient tombs, mud-brick skyscrapers and unique rock formations. AlUla International Airport (ULH) provides air connectivity between Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Cairo and is 40km from AlUla and 50km from Banyan Tree AlUla. ◼

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