Blink, and you’ll miss it

by | Mar 11, 2017

You’ve been there – at the crossroads between the possible and impossible.

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You’ve been there – at the crossroads between the possible and impossible. Staring straight at what you love and don’t want to accept about life. Longing, needing… something. Hanging by a thread, you settle. You decide to avoid, deny or rationalise the longing as a phantom. Something too big to acknowledge, let alone admit. But the longing won’t be denied. Later that day, on the train or in the car, in the shower or on your daily jog the feeling bites again. That’s when you know. It’s time to get away, but not on a vacation. You need to travel. Only, you have no idea where or when. All you know is the why. All you know is you need to feel.
Pick an emotion and pack your bag. You won’t need much. They’ll do the rest. Blink invites you to be their guest on an emotional rescue. They’ll customise a remote, one-of-a-kind, tailor-made adventure unlike anything that has been or ever will be. That’s because everything from the temporary homes to the site itself are here today and gone tomorrow. Blink and you’ll miss the here and now-whether among sand dunes, glaciers, jungles, lakes, savannas, or wild coastlines. A metaphor for the life well lived, the life that seems to be slipping away.

Sappo Gobi Desert, Mongolia

You’ll encounter a phantom, but no longer one of doubt. This phantom takes the shape of the Milky Way, floating amidst a diamond-filled night sky casting the dunes an impossible gold. Mongolia defies expectations with diverse topography and dramatic landscapes. Most wouldn’t plan on encountering such romance in a land-locked country sandwiched between China and Russia. But in your home on the sands of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia’s wild west comes to life for an incredible and unique nomadic experience. Behold, the desert as you find it. No one will experience Mongolia the same way, because the tent you chose with the services you required are packed up and will meet you at your next emotion.

Chigaga Sand Dunes, The Sahara, Morocco

Fresh from breathing the air high in the Atlas Mountains, journey down into The Sahara. In your tricked-out 4×4, you scale towering dunes with nothing but sand and blue skies in every direction. Maybe you want to travel on a camel and experience the journey the way Africa’s people have for Millenia. Upon your return to camp after a day of solitude, basking in total silence, the only building you’ll encounter is eco-friendly. Marvel at traditional tagine, specially prepared for you in the Berber tradition. Interact with nomadic tribes and learn their customs before passing through the city of Ouarzazate, known as the ‘doorway of the desert’ where you can lose yourself among the winding alleys and exotic markets.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Endless salt flats, ice-covered rugged mountain peaks and rainforests of the Amazon Basin inspire even as the overwhelm thaws a deep place within your heart that hasn’t felt for a long time, if ever. The awakening comes as a shock in the remoteness of relatively untouched Bolivia. A jaw-dropping adventure crossing Peru, Bolivia and Chile casts the glow of a lifetime as you travel into the world’s most isolated and beautiful settings. Impossible beauty of the Uyuni salt flat will find you moving into the even more remote location of the Licancabur volcano and its thermal baths. Hot springs, geysers, sulphuric lakes, and flamingo colonies topped off by a rare and elusive vicuna sighting scares away the phantom of discouragement that sent you. Only now do you feel a glimmer of connection to the world and your place in it.

Jokulsarlon ice lagoon, Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland

Sensual and exploding. When at its darkest, Iceland puts on the most extravagant light show on earth. Something exhilarates you about the dichotomy. You begin to appreciate and allow yourself to be a witness to Iceland’s many moods and the majesty of creation. Soon you develop the ability to see beyond your limited notions of beauty, success and possibility. Place your heart next to the pulse of the earth on a dive between Tectonic plates. Or, quad bike across an old lava flow while taking in the northern lights. There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than embracing the world in new ways that help you understand yourself in new ways too.

Andes, Chile

Everything is more dramatic at the end of the world, especially fun. Whether traversing ice- fields, discovering Easter Island, boarding down the steep sand dunes of Death Valley, or exploring the ruins of the ancient fortress of Quitor Pukara, fun doesn’t get more romantic or adrenaline-charged. Otherworldly Polar landscapes and wildlife teach you a great deal about fun and survival. Is it possible that they go hand in hand? This is the moment, among snow-capped mountains, gigantic glaciers, soaring granite walls, and waterfalls, the landscape untouched by humans except for a few fishing villages–when you understand in a new way that to live means to thrive. It is entirely possible that the fun had at Tierra del Fuego will ignite a new fire in your soul.

Green Canyon, Java, Indonesia

There might not be a greater mystery than love or the Indonesian archipelago. Peeling back the layers on the 17,000 island nation is a bit like an exercise in understanding the meaning of true love. Perhaps you’ll make a certain discovery as did explorers of old when they liberated an abandoned Borobudur from its nearly four-to-nine-century jungle prison, unearthing something holy within yourself in the process as the explorers did. Or maybe an encounter with an orangutan and her baby on Kalimantan is what revives your spirit for life and true love. After experiencing the unknown you might find yourself more inclined to surrender to it. A trip to Sulawesi finds you on an encounter with the planet’s smallest primate, the tarsier. Oddly affected by the experience, you find yourself bolder, braver and ready to take a chance on what you never thought possible.

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