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by | Dec 13, 2017

We check out escapes that prove to be worthy beacons of luxury travel, revolving around Sun and Snow.

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Winter is finally here! If Stark Senior was still amongst us, one could very well imagine him walking the grey Castle’s grounds, inspecting the rampant and the snow-covered courtyards, wishing the Queen Across the Sea preferred sun over snow. To honour the two houses, we check out escapes that prove to be worthy beacons of luxury travel, revolving around Sun and Snow.

The North is a white-blanketed wonderland during winter with The Alps the ultimate destination to be during this time. It’s a satisfying concoction of white powdered snow, fine wine, cuisine that satisfies, winter sports mecca and a roaring fire to come home to for the long night. The French, Swiss and Italians call this mountain range their backyard and the playground of the rich and famous.

Amongst these folds of land, with majestic peaks and high mountain pastures, one finds conclaves of luxurious ski resorts and picture-perfect villages. Sprinkle in the Christmas fairy dust and these tiny village squares come alive with festive markets, joyous revellers and merry laughter in the air; making for a perfect winter escape. It also helps to know that these are the places to see and be seen in, not just on Instagram but in real life too!

Away from the alpine reaches, there are travel pleasures to be found along the ancient waterways, both inland and out in the open seas. Cruise liners have constantly been innovating and the luxuries one finds onboard these floating entertainment resorts is noteworthy. The cuisine-wine-entertainment- relaxation-repeat cycle is a luxurious onboard monotony punctuated beautifully with city ports and excellent onshore itineraries focused on exceptional experiences.

For the companions who prefer the sun over ice, the Indian Thar desert, landscaped by winds and ruled by kings, summons with its age-old grandeur and charms. Its colourful Rajasthan. The hospitality is A grade, the food divine, the people humble and culture exceptional.
As one heads South of the Equator, the Winter march slows and opens up the wild safaris of Southern Africa. Amongst the jewels of this region, Botswana’s Okavango Delta – one of the world’s largest inland deltas and the Makgadikgadi Pan – a large salt pan, are home to a diverse eco-system brimming with wildebeest, antelopes and elephants. Luxury camps and lodges in this region are the only way to safari in style here.

And when it comes to style, what better way to round up the winter that shopping along Rodeo Drive baby! Los Angeles arrives with plenty of sunshine and star power. Sip and shop like a celebrity – think Pretty Woman.

Happy Reading, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
Vishal Jain
Editor-in-Chief editor@wtravelmagazine.com

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