Editor’s Note

While lazing around in a private pool last week enjoying a trouble free afternoon, watching the sun play hide and seek from under a canopy of yellow flowers of a frangipani tree, with a cool breeze filtering through from the beach nearby, I noticed a strange small white object fly vertically up from a nearby cliff and then remain stationary, on hover mode, once it had reached its apparent altitude.

After hovering in a spot high up in the air for a short while, it started gliding horizontally, in a steady straight line towards the beach, flying over the resort that I was in, stopping every now and then, perhaps to enjoy the view of the Bali Sea or peek down on the activities of staff and residents. I continued my curious gaze at the now apparent drone, quite amused as it played hop-scotch and dart around above the resort, beach and sea, before disappearing from the view, hopefully perhaps being shot down by the security or running out of battery juice!

Concerns of security and privacy aside, I wondered how beautiful the view would have been from the camera the drone would have sporting. A view of the resort at the foot of a cliff, beautiful beach that goes on for kilometres into Nusa Dua, the continued stretch of white frothy break of the waves, the sparkling sea under the direct gaze of the summer sun, parametered by dramatic cliffs and lush green vegetation everywhere else, all from a high altitude, perhaps where the para sailing folks usually live. Not a bad sight indeed.

A few days later, I was pleased to review a story idea that came across, a travel company providing its guests a drone and professional photographer / guide with an itinerary that revolved around jaw dropping landscapes and visuals that movies are made of. That is just so cool! Image taking high resolution – high altitude selfies of oneself on the foreground, feet planted firmly on ground, with a famous monument in the backdrop! Backdrop ideas – Iceland’s glaciers and valleys, Mongolia’s Oni Mountains, Botswana’s wild life safari, the artic wilderness in Norway or the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Sign me up, now!

This edition of World Travel Magazine takes a look at some destinations where man and drone should travel together; the story and images are inspiring. In fact, our features on Fiji, India, Easter Islands and London in this edition are all prime destinations to unleash the drone. Ok, perhaps not Central London!

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