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by | Apr 14, 2017

The grass is always greener on the other side.

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The grass is always greener on the other side. True? I live in the clean and green city of Singapore, tropical, hot, humid, efficient with good food; everything always works. On the contrary, my dreams are painted with the colors of the Caribbean. I dre am of blues on whites, steel drum music and breezy plantation houses overlooking vibrant blue bays and endless oceans.

My desire for living life ‘island style’ in the Caribbean took root well before the concepts of education, finance and taxes got advocated. It was the allur e of Nassau, the colorful & noisy carnival of Jamaica, the exotic tales of Trinidad & Tobago, the voodoo stories of Haiti and perhaps the Britishness of Barbados that got the better of my imagination. Perhaps there was an element of Tom Sawyer spirit that allowed this dream to flourish.

A recent review of Mustique Island and it’s oh-so-fabulous private villas, painted with a heavy brush of elegance, gave reality to the island style living life. There is no going back now. Jamaican Planters Punch Rum trumps Singapore Sling any day. Having said that, fly in to Changi, get into a cab and head home along the tree & bougainvillea laced East Coa st Park Expressway of Singapore – this is civilization. Always.

We thus outline our anthem for this edition of the magazine; isl and getaways & island living. On the topic of island living, the rest point has got to be the quintessential Villa; huge, elegant, breezy, a citadel of luxury perched at a vantage point overlooking th e realm of beaches, coves and the emerald sea beyond. Our featured article, Citadels of Luxur y covers the perfect villas for every season & mood.

When it comes to islands, selecting the preferred is a monumental task. There are simply too many of them, all unique, filtering in lists based on mood and personal preferences. We select the jewels in and around South East Asia that are abundant in such luxuries as solitude, wellness, history and celebrity spotting. On to the Caribbean, where we e xplore the wild and new; more reasons to drop anchor here. The Mediterranean can’t possibly be far behind. High-end hideaways to bohemian beach bars, the magic of Ibiza runs deep. We round up with a peek into the latest happenings in Bali and Sri Lanka; both islands with similarities running deep yet each at a different stage of tourism development.

Happy Reading.

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