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June - July 2019

This edition finds us exploring three themes: our seventh edition of ‘The 100 List 2019’, the Swiss Special supplement and unique destinations to explore this summer.

Our annual ‘The 100 List 2019’ editorial selection covers the top one hundred of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world. It is somewhat pleasing to note that the world of luxury is tilting towards Asia. Whether it is in terms of size of a resort, its quality of service, unique location or unique experience to her guests, Asia is not just catching up to her western hospitality counterparts but starting to stand its own ground as an equal, flaunting the ‘Asian-ness’ as a unique differentiator. A visit to these hotels and resorts is a destination vacation in itself – be ready for luxurious pampering, excellent gastronomy and fantastic service.

Our Swiss Special supplement takes you on an exciting ride around Switzerland, via a boat, train and on the road, through the mountain tracks and cable cars gliding along alpine peaks and peeking into the modern and medieval cities that make up this picture-perfect country. By the way, the famous 007 makes his presence felt in one of the destinations as well. We shop like celebrities in St Moritz and later splurge on art in Basel. Wellness is everywhere in Switzerland – from the fresh alpine air to the lakeside badis, mineral springs to revitalising hikes – you get fit while vacationing! Between the cheese, wine and chocolates decorating your plate to soaring mountain peaks and blue skies painting the skyline, Switzerland is the destination to be in this summer. Pick up a Swiss Travel Pass and away we go.

Our exploration of amazing destinations finds us in tiny Formentera south of Ibiza, floating along a French river on a self-driven barge, hopping through Japanese cities in search for the perfect family-friendly getaway, exploring six gorgeous Greek islands like a local and figuring out what geocaching treasure hunt travel is all about. We also found some sapphires in Australia. Read on to stake your claim. Preview the edition here.

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