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Experience Northern Lights In London For 12 Nights

Borealis in London, photo credit GDIF 2021 Karin Tearle

Borealis in London, photo credit GDIF 2021 Karin Tearle

Over the last 20 months, travellers have been forced to cancel their travel plans and stay indoors. Most of us have even been barred from leaving our city and have had to settle for celebrating festivals from the confines of our homes. This winter festival however is looking different in London.

The mayor of the City of London, Sadiq Khan, has decided to brighten the lives of Londoners and visitors to the city after a long battle with the pandemic with his “Let’s Do London” campaign. Khan’s campaign was launched to reclaim tourism to the city, specifically to attract Londoners and day visitors.

The Northern Lights Show will be on display across the Southbank sky from where tourists can take in this amazing sight to celebrate the festive season this year.

Borealis in London, photo credit GDIF 2021 Doug Southall

The festival event ‘Borealis by Dan Acher’ is greatly inspired by the ‘Borealis’ Light which will display one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World in the heart of the city. While watching the colourful lights dance in the sky, you can even go Christmas shopping on the street or dine at the best restaurants in the city.

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Where To Watch Borealis Lights In London

Along with London’s Bridges London Tower, light works will be displayed on historic buildings, trees, markets and along the banks of the River Thames; the city will be gloriously decked out for visitors. Other attractions will include an animal-themed light display at the Tower of London, along with an eye-catching light exhibit at Canary Wharf by world-renowned artists.

Borealis in London, image credit GDIF 2021 Helen Boast

This year the Borealis by Dan Acher light show is going to be more exciting as the city is inviting tourists from all over the world to witness something incredible. You can book a free ticket now to see this amazing sight as the ‘Borealis’ light will only be displayed from 11 to 22 December between 5.30 pm – 10 pm.

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The nearest Underground stations are St Paul’s, Bank, Mansion House. Mainline stations include London Cannon Street, Moorgate and London Liverpool Street.

Other Attractions To Watch In London

Ever After Garden, image credit David Parry

Blackfriars to Lambeth Bridges, Illuminated River © Jason Hawkes

Your exploration does not end here. Along with a spectacular light show in the sky, visitors will watch thousands of illuminated white roses spread across Grosvenor Square, exclusively designed by luxury fashion designer Anya Hindmarch. Other fascinating attractions include the public art project on the Bridge of London, as well as a display of the lightning theme of immigration and identity.

Guildhall Yard, off Gresham Street, EC2V 5AE, London, U.K.

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