Explora Journeys, A New, Luxurious Cruise Line Launches Explora I

by | Jan 9, 2023

Exciting news for luxury cruise-goers! A brand new, exclusive cruise line - Explora Journeys - is set to launch this summer with its first cruise ship - Explora I

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Cruise-goers looking for an exclusive and luxurious experience should keep their eye on Explora Journeys, MSC Cruise’s new cruise line, which will level up the concept of luxury cruising with its debut this summer.

Explora Journeys – a new, luxurious cruise line

Branding their luxury cruise experience as an ‘Ocean State of Mind’,  Explora Journeys offers a modern take on traditional cruises and encourages travellers to explore the seas beyond by transforming luxury cruises into ocean voyages that will captivate and inspire. With a tone that is both immersive and engaging, Explora Journeys offers an opulent masterclass in adventure for the ultimate luxurious experience.

Set to launch in 2023, the new flagship ship of Explora Journeys, Explora I, promises an opulent experience that strives to be far beyond any ordinary cruise line. From extravagant dinners in intimate dining rooms to wellness treatments in stylishly appointed relaxation areas and 5-star suites – Explora Journeys offers services more similar to exclusive yacht clubs than traditional cruises.

Explora I, designed in partnership with the world’s foremost superyacht and luxury hospitality designers

Explora I, designed in partnership with the world’s foremost superyacht and luxury hospitality designers

Explora Journeys’s first cruise ship – Explora I

Explora I had an ambitious goal: to sail across northern Europe, the east coast of the U.S. and South America, visiting 138 ports in 40 different countries in its first year.

With its smaller size compared to traditional cruise ships, Explora I can effortlessly navigate narrow channels, granting guests a front-row seat to less-frequented ports worldwide. Plus, with a crew-to-passenger ratio of 1.25 to 1, Explora I ensures an unsurpassed level of service throughout the journey.


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Exploring foreign destinations can be an extraordinary adventure full of culture, art, history, and cuisine. When travelling to renowned destinations ashore, the more extended port stays with Explora I allow for a deeper immersion into the local atmosphere. Instead of having to rush back to the ship within a few hours after an excursion in one day or foregoing an opportunity to have dinner in a local hotspot restaurant, travellers can explore the unique landmarks and offerings of distant ports away from their cruise ship and not be bound by tight itineraries.

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The all-inclusive dining & lounging experience on Explore I

Explore I is upping its game with its all-inclusive, elevated dining and lounging experiences, curating immersive dining experiences for guests. Instead of a traditional dining hall, Explore I will offer extraordinary culinary experiences. It has six dining experiences that offer a variety of cuisine from all over the world: Pan-Asian cuisine with its vibrant flavours, the European steakhouse experience with its robust flavours, and French-inspired international cuisine that is sure to impress even the most discerning gustatory connoisseur.

The wine selection on board Explore I have been specially crafted to reflect the regional areas the ship travels around, bringing exciting options from boutique labels on board with knowledgeable Sommeliers on hand to provide helpful insights. Residents can also enjoy top-of-the-line creations from famous guest chefs joining the voyage, making for exceptional evenings in a unique environment.

On top of this, 12 bars and lounges are on board to provide an opulent atmosphere while sipping on first-class beverages and luxury in-suite dining for passengers to indulge in a private setting.

The Explora Lounge offers a 270-degree view of the sea on the Explora I, perfect for informal drinking and dining on the high seas. For adults-only relaxation, there is the exquisite Helios Pool & Bar featuring shades of blue with a stark panorama view.

Prefer to be immersed in an outdoor atmosphere? Sky Bar On 14 is your ideal destination for endless cocktails and commanding views from atop the cruise ship. Every voyage includes access to The Conservatory Pool & Bar for weather-protected lounging any time of day. Apart from the lounges, Explore I is an oasis of relaxation with 64 private cabanas and four lavish swimming pools providing plenty of luxurious spaces for guests to unwind.

The indoor pool on Explora I with a retractable glass roof will allow swimming and poolside relaxation in any weather

The indoor pool on Explora I with a retractable glass roof will allow swimming and poolside relaxation in any weather

Explore I’s oceanfront suites and residences

Explore I will have 461 oceanfront suites and residences to select from, with floor-to-ceiling windows and personal private terraces starting at 377 square feet. In addition to the options of Premium Suites with private dining rooms, VIP embarkation service is available for those occupying the Signature Penthouse Suite. Enjoying a home away from home at sea has never been more luxurious.

Explora Journeys is expanding its fleet beyond Explore I; five new ships will embark on global voyages from 2024 to 2028. ◼

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