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Being on the list of favourites of most travellers makes Goa a much loved destination. You know exactly what to expect as you head out to this haven of sun, sand, water and clear blue skies.


Being on the list of favourites of most travellers makes Goa a much loved destination. You know exactly what to expect as you head out to this haven of sun, sand, water and clear blue skies.

The only glitch being that if you want a quiet and private zone that is not just without the trailing entourage of hangers on but also luxurious enough for you to sink your feet in, lock your mind in a “no worry” vault and let your body and soul be pampered in style, pray where do you go?

Finding a solution to precisely this anxious thought for all Goa lovers who want to keep coming back but at a time when the tourists have left and the quaint town is restored to its vintage colonial self, is the Diwa Club experience, masterfully executed by The Ailia Diwa Goa property in South Goa. Built as a resort within a resort, it is an oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Once you get here, you can definitely explore Goa and its various nooks and crannies. Even if you don’t, you can delectably savour your own exclusive and private Goa vacation, dabbling in the choicest of hospitality offerings against a lush backdrop of palm lined avenues, emerald green paddy fields and sparkling blue waters.

Food is the way to your heart here

Much thought has gone into creating living spaces at The Diwa Club. While you choose from any of its 27 rooms and 6 suites, rest assured that you will have your own cocoon of space, with no intrusions into your private domain. With discreet service that has been masterfully created with care and sensitivity, you will be left free to explore the property.

Food is the elixir of life and The Diwa Club has catered to this aspect most thoughtfully. Hailing from the land of spices, it is only natural that a complete restaurant has been created aptly called the Spice Studio.

As the aromatic flavours work their hypnotic appeal on your sensory nerves, you can brace yourself to a choice of cuisine from the Northwest Frontier, Avadh, Hyderabad, Southeast coastline or Goa’s own veritable sea food specialties.

If your body clock is facing shut down and you have lost track of time, missing out on the meal timings of the restaurant, you can head towards the 24X7 Vivo live kitchen restaurant that will whip up an a la carte dish of your choice. Having spent the day lounging around in the open air pool and Jacuzzi followed by some much recommended spa treatments will work up a nice wholesome appetite.

In mood for a romantic sundowner and dinner or wanting to treat yourself a sumptuous spread then the Edge Bar and Lounge should be the place to hang out as dusk settles in and a beautiful serene candle lit ambience puts you in a soulful mood.

Customised services on a platter

Whether you come alone, as a couple or family, there is something unique for all. Children have a separate play zone with an interesting bunch of games and guided activities. The movie screening area has daily viewing sessions and you can pick the movie of your choice, depending on how you arrive at a consensus with other fellow guests.

Outdoor activities include walking trails, conducted heritage and culture tours, adventure sports and even free drop to popular beaches in town. For those who still want to stay connected with the real world, there is the media hub in addition to all the facilities that make a tech-dependent adult tick.

Coming from a world where everything works with clockwork precision and one is on a constant roller coaster ride, planning activities for every nano second, The Diwa Club has a wonderful effect, in that it just dulls these hyperactive cells and indulges you with a plethora of options. Soon you realise that it is not you who is in the drivers’ seat but you who is being led from one activity to another, and you are surely not complaining!

The good thing about The Diwa Club is that there is no specially designated perfect time to come here. Any time that you can take off and surrender to the beauty and efficiency of the resort is a good time. Spending a minimum of three days is recommended. To have a complete Diwa experience, do not charge your gizmos. Just let the beauty of the place charm and charge you.

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