Haven in Bhutan: Discover &Beyond Punakha River Lodge

by | Feb 21, 2023

Escape to luxury and tranquillity with &Beyond Punakha River Lodge in Bhutan, with breathtaking views, culture and life along the river bank far away from the world.

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The &Beyond Punakha River Lodge is slated to open in the Punakha Valley, Bhutan, overlooking the Mo Chhu River, in September 2023. Guests of this luxurious lodge will be privy to panoramic views of the Himalayan range and have access to six tented suites, two villas with private pools, one villa with a plunge pool/hot tub, and all sorts of exciting activities.

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge is designed for discerning travellers seeking an out-of-this-world experience — luxurious yet authentic. The lodge has taken inspiration from its surroundings, drawing together traditional Bhutanese architecture — with its decorative painted details — with a unique twist. The safari-style tented suites are suspended from a timber structure, and the blue poppy –the national flower of Bhutan– is used as a recurring motif throughout the interior design.

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge's guest tent

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’s guest tent

The lodge combines traditional Bhutanese style with gorgeous twists, from elegant brass-cladded bathtubs to decorative painted and gilded details in the woodwork that stand out effortlessly. It will be a veritable paradise, both inside and outside the lodge, where one can relax after experiencing tremendous peace and well-being while getting a genuine sense of place.

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge's guest tent bathroom

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’s guest tent bathroom

Experiences & activities at &Beyond Punakha River Lodge

From the moment you arrive at &Beyond Punakha River Lodge, you can expect to be awe-inspired by the unparalleled beauty of Bhutan. The pristine natural setting will allow guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable journey of discovery.

The surrounding landscape is not only stunningly beautiful, but it is also steeped in culture and tradition. A visit to the Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten –a nearby stupa– will allow guests to better understand the region’s history, values and culture.

Aside from simply luxuriating amidst the beautiful scenery, visitors will have easy access to several walking trails and riverside getaways perfect for al fresco lunches, picnics and beach activities such as yoga, massages or swimming with views of the Himalayas. For those wishing for an adrenaline rush, there’s river rafting, kayaking or cycling available nearby, as well as paddy field lunches — all adding up to an unforgettable experience. When in doubt, check out the lodge’s pool pavilion.

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge's pool pavilion

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’s pool pavilion

Whether you prefer taking it easy or getting active with some of the many outdoor activities available in this part of Asia, there’s no doubt that &Beyond Punakha River Lodge offers style & luxury — making it an ideal destination for your next vacation!

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge's spa

&Beyond Punakha River Lodge’s spa

&Beyond stands apart from other luxury lodges for their personalised high-end tours, which span 13 countries in Africa and five in Asia (alongside four countries in South America). Their remarkable lodges are situated in iconic safari and island destinations across Africa and South America. If you are looking for an opulent escape surrounded by natural beauty that offers something unique, then do keep the upcoming Punakha River Lodge in mind. ◼

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