Long Weekend Vibe In Cape Town: 10 Luxurious Experiences

by | Jun 25, 2024

Uncover Cape Town’s exclusive luxury secrets with our top 10 must-do experiences—because who wouldn’t want a weekend that feels this extraordinary and exclusive?

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One of my most cherished memories began on a sun-kissed morning in Cape Town. I remember stepping out of my elegant suite, greeted by the invigorating scent of the ocean, mingling with the fresh mountain air. The promise of adventure hung in the air as I set out to explore this vibrant city, a place where every corner seemed to whisper tales of luxury and enchantment. With its perfect blend of natural beauty and sophisticated charm, Cape Town was about to unfold its treasures, and I was eager to immerse myself in its magic.

Cape Town’s majesty lies in its captivating blend of natural beauty and sophisticated charm, making it an irresistible destination for a luxurious long weekend. As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover that every experience here, from breathtaking coastal drives to opulent yacht cruises, is designed to delight the senses and enrich the soul. Here’s a refined guide to catching the long weekend vibe in Cape Town, where each moment promises a touch of magic and elegance.

1. Drive Along Chapman’s Peak: A Coastal Marvel

Imagine navigating one of the world’s most scenic coastal routes: Chapman’s Peak Drive. Affectionately known as “Chappies,” this 9km route stretches from the picturesque fishing harbour of Hout Bay to Noordhoek, winding along the rugged Atlantic coastline. As we drive through its 114 curves, the road ascends sharply, offering vistas that left me breathless—cliffs plunging into the ocean, waves crashing against the rocks below, and the horizon blending seamlessly with the sky. It’s as if the route was designed by nature itself to showcase its grandeur, particularly during sunset when the landscape is bathed in golden light.

Chapmans Peak drive near Cape Town, image by Andrey Fokin shutterstock

Chapmans Peak drive near Cape Town, image by Andrey Fokin shutterstock

2. Hike Up Lion’s Head: Panoramic City Views

For those who seek adventure intertwined with million-dollar views, hiking up Lion’s Head is a must. This iconic peak, rising 669 meters above sea level, offers a moderately challenging 5.5km trail that takes about 90 minutes one way. As you ascend, the trail reveals panoramic views of Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the Atlantic Ocean. The path, while steep in parts, is dotted with fascinating flora and the occasional sighting of a hyrax, a small mammal native to the area.

Reaching the summit just in time for sunrise, the city below transformed into a canvas of light and shadow. The sight of the sun casting its first golden rays over the horizon, illuminating the city and the ocean, was a moment of pure, unfiltered joy.

Signal Hill Cape Town, image by Delpixel shutterstock

Signal Hill Cape Town, image by Delpixel shutterstock

3. Savour Street Food and Markets at Old Biscuit Mill: Cultural Delights

At the heart of Cape Town’s eclectic culture lies the Old Biscuit Mill, a vibrant market that feels like a village brimming with artisanal treasures and gourmet delights – a haven for the curious traveller. Wandering through its bustling stalls, I felt a deep connection to the local culture, as if each bite, each handcrafted item, told a story of Cape Town’s rich heritage and vibrant creativity.

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Located in the creative hub of Woodstock, this market offers a sensory feast, from the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee at Expresso Lab Microroasters to the tantalizing flavours at Redemption Burgers. Indulge in a chocolate tour at CocoaFair or savour the cutting-edge cuisine at The Test Kitchen, renowned for its 10-course gourmand menus by Chef Luke Dale-Roberts.

Enjoying the Saturday market at The Old Biscuit Mill, image by MD_Photography, Shutterstock

Enjoying the Saturday market at The Old Biscuit Mill, image by MD_Photography, Shutterstock

4. Explore Stellenbosch Wineries: A Wine Lover’s Haven

Stellenbosch, the jewel of the Cape Winelands, invited me to immerse in a world where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. With over 200 wine and grape producers, this region is a paradise for wine enthusiasts. I embarked on a hop-on, hop-off tour to estates like Jordan Wines and Delheim Wine Estate, where centuries-old cellars and lush picnic spots await.

Sitting under the dappled shade of an ancient oak, a glass of wine in hand, the world seemed to slow down. The tranquillity of the vineyards, combined with the elegance of the wines, made for an experience that felt both timeless and indulgent. Each sip of the locally produced wine is a testament to the region’s winemaking heritage, with flavours as rich and varied as the landscape itself.

Vineyards near Stellenbosch at sunset, image by LongJon shutterstock

Vineyards near Stellenbosch at sunset, image by LongJon shutterstock

5. Wander Through Bo-Kaap: A Cultural Tapestry

Discover the vibrant history and culture of Bo-Kaap, a neighbourhood at the foot of Signal Hill known for its colourful houses and rich multicultural heritage. Walking through Bo-Kaap’s cobblestone streets, the vibrant hues of the houses are a celebration of freedom itself.

Each facade seemed to echo with laughter and music, creating a joyful and profoundly moving atmosphere. A guided tour offers insights into the traditions, flavours, and history that make Bo-Kaap a living mosaic of cultures, allowing one to delve deeper into the stories of the Cape Malay community.

Beautiful view of the Bo-Kaap, image by Wirestock Creators shutterstock

Beautiful view of the Bo-Kaap, image by Wirestock Creators shutterstock

6. Stroll Through Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

A visit to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is an immersion into nature’s finest artistry. Established in 1913, this garden is a sanctuary of indigenous flora covering 528 hectares, including a cultivated garden and nature reserve. As I wandered through Kirstenbosch, the serenity of the gardens enveloped me. The symphony of birdsong and the fragrance of blooming flowers created a haven of peace, a place where time seemed to stand still. The Boomslang walkway, a treetop canopy path, offers panoramic views that are nothing short of enchanting.

7. Sail on a Luxury Yacht: Sunset Magic

Another elegant way to take in Cape Town’s coastal splendour is aboard a luxurious yacht. Whether you’re anchored in Saldanha Bay or sailing around the V&A Waterfront, a sunset cruise promises panoramic views of the city skyline, Table Mountain, and the sparkling beaches. The cruise typically lasts for two hours and includes a selection of fine wines, champagne, and gourmet snacks. The yacht is equipped with luxurious amenities, including a spacious deck for sunbathing and a comfortable lounge area for relaxation.

Aboard, sip champagne and enjoy fresh oysters as the setting sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, casting a magical glow over the landscape. Gliding over the calm waters, the mother city’s lights twinkling in the distance. The gentle rocking of the yacht and the warm glow of the sunset made for a perfect end to a day in paradise.

Tourist trip yacht crossing Cape Town Harbour, image by Peter Titmuss shutterstock

Tourist trip yacht crossing Cape Town Harbour, image by Peter Titmuss shutterstock

8. Try Clay Pigeon Shooting at Sea: An Exciting Twist

For a thrilling adventure, try clay pigeon shooting at sea aboard a 55-foot luxury catamaran. This unique experience combines the elegance of yachting with the excitement of shooting, offering a dynamic and memorable way to enjoy Cape Town’s waters. Standing on the deck, the sea stretching endlessly around me, the challenge of hitting a moving target against the backdrop of the horizon was exhilarating. It was a moment where luxury and adventure intertwined seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a curious beginner, this activity promises a blend of adrenaline and sophistication.

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9. Hire a Helicopter for Scenic Tours: Bird’s Eye Views

Elevate your Cape Town experience with a helicopter tour over the Cape Peninsula’s majestic mountains. Soaring above the landscape, the patchwork of vineyards and the rugged coastline unfolding below, I felt like I was seeing Cape Town in a new light: the sweeping vistas and the thrill of flight made for an unforgettable adventure. Consider extending your tour by landing at a secluded beach for a gourmet picnic or visiting a renowned wine estate for a private tasting. The perspective from above provides a luxurious vantage point that few get to experience.

10. Create Your Own Signature Perfume: A Personalized Souvenir

Conclude your luxurious Cape Town getaway by crafting your own signature perfume at Perfume Prive – an intimate and inspiring affair. This exclusive workshop allows you to blend a scent that captures the essence of your journey. Learn about the art of perfumery, choose from a variety of fragrant oils, and create a personalized blend that will remind you of Cape Town’s magic, turning into a tangible keepsake that captured the essence of my South African adventures. The experience also includes a tour of the Perfume Museum, adding depth to your fragrant creation.


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Cape Town offers a tapestry of experiences that cater to the luxury traveller, where each moment is crafted to delight and inspire. From awe-inspiring coastal drives and invigorating hikes to vibrant cultural markets and serene yacht cruises, the city promises a journey that is both enriching and exhilarating.

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As I gazed out over the twinkling lights of Cape Town from the deck of a luxury yacht, the city’s blend of natural beauty and sophisticated charm resonated deeply. Each moment here, from the vibrant markets to the tranquil sea, felt like a beautifully written story in the book of my travels—one I will return to time and again. Embrace the long weekend vibe in Cape Town, and let each exquisite experience leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. ◼

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