Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, set to reopen in Riviera Maya

by | Oct 29, 2022

Experience a piece of paradise on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean with Maroma, A Belmond Hotel.

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Maroma, A Belmond Hotel, is set to reopen in Riviera Maya next summer. Located on 200 acres of tropical jungle and white sand beaches, Maroma puts Mayan culture at the forefront, offering guests a unique and immersive experience. With its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, the Riviera Maya serves as the perfect backdrop for Maroma’s artistic vision.

Guests can expect Maroma to be a true hideaway, allowing them to escape and relax in luxury surrounded by the rustic beauty of the Mayan Riviera. Maroma’s highly anticipated reopening is just one example of the region’s ongoing commitment to creative expression and development.

Preserving heritage and masonry at Maroma, A Belmond Hotel

Belmond has tapped designer Tara Bernerd to lead their restoration project, emphasizing utilizing local artisans and indigenous materials to pay homage to Mexico’s rich heritage. Maroma’s contemporary crafts and carefully sourced materials work harmoniously with the original design and architecture, including white stucco buildings aligned with Mayan Sacred Geometry.

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

The result is a truly authentic experience that channels the healing energy of the jungle and sea. Maroma’s commitment to preserving local culture sets it apart as a destination for those seeking not just relaxation but also a connection to the roots of the land they are visiting.

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

The property’s redesign, featuring curved lines and organic forms, pays tribute to its natural landscapes. Maroma’s three pools have also been redesigned, using hand-made Sukabumi tiles in vibrant turquoise tones reminiscent of the region’s natural cenotes.

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Maroma’s 72 accommodations are spread across a private stretch of white sand beach, including ten new waterfront suites with their own private pool and garden. Maroma invites guests to escape into their own slice of paradise and be inspired by the beauty of nature.

Maroma, A Belmond Hotel – A wellness destination in Yucatan

Nestled in a jungle oasis and surrounded by the energy of the wide open sea, Maroma’s fully renovated biophilic space – the first Guerlain Spa in Latin America – offers healing rituals from nature, ancient practices, and even the sacred Melipona bee – revered by Mayans for over 3,000 years as a symbol of spiritual resonance.

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Maroma’s Spa menu has been designed around the Mayan wellness philosophy and includes sound and healing rituals. Along with access to the spa’s tranquil facilities, Maroma also offers a holistic wellness retreat complete with daily workshops in meditation, movement, and yoga.

Cuisine at Maroma

At Casa Mayor, Mexican-born Executive Chef Daniel Camacho brings his expertise and passion for Mexican cuisine to Maroma. Drawing inspiration from his childhood experiences in Mexico, Camacha will source 90% of his ingredients from the country, with nearly half coming from the Yucatán peninsula.

In addition to utilizing fresh produce, he will also emphasise sustainability – obtaining freshly caught seafood from Amigos de Sian Ka’an, an organization dedicated to conserving natural resources and promoting sustainable development. With such attention to both flavour and the origin of ingredients, diners can expect an exceptional dining experience at Casa Mayor.

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

Belmond Maroma in Mexico, image by Belmond

At Maroma, traditional Mexican cuisine will be given a modern twist. Guests can expect vibrant dishes like seafood towers and Michoacan corundas, as well as Jalisco-style Birria and chocolate cake with Oaxacan black mole, flamed with house mezcal. This reimagined cuisine at Maroma offers a unique dining experience for patrons looking to try something new. In addition, Freddy’s Bar at the beach will continue to channel the vibrant spirit of the Riviera Maya, filled with live music and DJ sets, fresh seafood and cocktails.

Building on biodiversity at Maroma

At Maroma, biodiversity is more than just a buzzword – it is a way of life. As a result, the resort has implemented various initiatives to promote and protect biodiversity, including expanding resident bee hives and creating a sanctuary for the endangered Melipona bee. Not only does this help to preserve the local ecology, but it also provides educational guest experiences and improves Maroma’s culinary offerings.

The resort takes conservation efforts beyond bees with turtle conservation initiatives and preservation of the surrounding flora and fauna. Maroma’s “Women for Bees” program introduces Guerlain’s Bee School to Yucatan communities, empowering locals to join in the effort to protect biodiversity. By incorporating biodiversity into every aspect of its operations, Maroma sets a shining example for responsible tourism.

Showcasing Mexican Artists at Maroma

In continuing its commitment to highlighting Mexican culture and supporting the arts, the resort has commissioned an inaugural photography series featuring some of Mexico’s talented photographers, including Patricia Lagarde, Javier Hinojosa, Ilán Rabchinskey, and Margot Kalach. The series captures the beauty of Riviera Maya through the unique perspective of these talented photographers. Their works will be exhibited at prestigious art events, including Art Basel in Miami, Zona Maco in Mexico City and Photo London.

Maroma, located 30 minutes from Cancun International Airport, is the perfect destination for relaxing and exploring the Yucatan Peninsula. The region is known for its stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters, making it a popular spot for sunbathers and water-sport enthusiasts alike.

Guests can also take advantage of Maroma’s proximity to nearby sightseeing hotspots like Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza, with less than a two-hour drive to each location. Maroma is part of the Belmond brand, which includes two other Caribbean resorts, Belmond La Samanna in St Martin and Belmond Cap Juluca in Anguilla.

Maroma offered a rare opportunity to reimagine this iconic hotel, with its rich and storied history. We sought to retain and enhance the original character, working with local artisans, whilst simultaneously incorporating a contemporary elegance, a warmth that also has a sense of home, that speaks to the needs of the Belmond guest for generations to come.” says Bernerd.

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