Milan: eating like a local

Milan is a city famous for high fashion, stock markets, and a concoction of architectural styles. There is, however, another side to this city of towering gothic spires – food! Visitors to Italy tend to overlook Milan when they are in search of authentic Italian dishes exactly because the city is so famous for its fashion designers and shopping malls.

Milanese food is definitely rich, both in terms of taste and ingredients, it is historic, and it makes good use of unique local traditions and tastes. Traditionally Milan has always been the wealthiest city in Italy, with financiers, nobles and entrepreneurs traversing the historic streets in search of tasty food.

There is no better way to seek out the best food that a city has to offer than by following in the footsteps of the locals as they visit their favourite food markets and restaurants. Milan has many hidden foodie hotspots that would otherwise be overlooked by visitors to this marvellous city; come with us on a culinary journey around the capital of northern Italy.

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