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Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel's opulence and old-world charm is a gateway to the contemporary & classic, an ode to Europe's Belle Epoque era.

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In a city known for its history, the New York Palace is a modern luxury hotel that pays homage to Budapest’s past. The five-star location on Grand Boulevard of Budapest reflects the hotel’s opulent surroundings immersed in old-world glamour and luxury within one of Eastern Europe’s most vibrant cities. The hotel is now part of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, and after a soft renovation taking place now, it will start hosting guests once again from the Spring of 2022.

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel

Nestled in the Paris of the East, Anantara New York Palace is an architectural gem of Budapest. Inspired by Italian Renaissance and gothic style, this palatial Budapest luxurious hotel elegantly stands tall surrounded by the 18th-century museum, contemporary styled parliamentary buildings along dazzling streets.

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel - Exterior view

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel – Exterior view

Surrounded by stunning views of Downton, Anantara New York Palace comprises one of Budapest’s most beautiful cafes, the New York Café. Once a gathering place for the European elite, today it hosts international travellers who come here to witness its grandeur.

When Budapest first welcomed visitors in the 1840s, its opulent thermal springs were highlighted as one of its main attractions. Almost 200 years later, Anantara Spa is set to debut at Anantara New York Palace Hotel Budapest and will bring its ancient Thai wellness traditions to life as it has never before been experienced, honouring thermal bath heritage steeped in Hungarian history.

The thermal baths, custom-designed by renowned architect Simone Micheli, soak away all your stress. Don’t miss the beer scrub at Anantara Spa, a relaxing facial and back massage inspired by Hungarian and Turkish conquerors. Anantara New York Palace Budapest’s soft renovation will bring new life to the already-luxurious property.

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel Lobby View

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel Lobby View

Experiences at Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel

Centrally located, Anantara New York Palace Budapest is walking distance to Central Market Hall and Liszt Ferenc Square. Take a tour of the city either on foot or take a cab ride to one of Budapest’s liveliest places in Szimple Kart. With music, food, a garden and a market, this resplendent pub welcomes its guests from early morning till late night.

Your search won’t stop at shopping and dining; admirers of history and wines can find their way to the Zwack Unicum Museum. It showcases the mysterious story of the Zwack family and Unicum. Its 1-hour tour guide, along with the liqueur tasting, will give a phenomenal experience in this city.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

A modern luxury hotel with a mix of vintage glamour, Anantara New York Palace Budapest takes you back to the Victorian era inside the grand building adorned with marble sculptures, frescoes, chandeliers and clock towers.

From its expansive glass ceiling to the iron-wrought entrance, everything is sumptuous about this vintage-inspired structure. Its cream palette colour of the rooms with ample natural light defined along the Belle Epoque gives its rooms a contemporary luxury look. Spend your time savouring each moment in this old world charm mixed with modern luxuries.

The Famous New York Café in Budapest

For an unforgettable experience, indulge in delicious and artisanal Hungarian cuisine with friends at the luxury hotel’s famous New York Café. An extraordinary place has exceptional food, and no place can be complete without good food, and New York Palace Budapest is no different. A tantalising goose liver dish with red currants will satiate every taste, and fried chicken butternut squash risotto with a stunning view of the bustling street will make the meal all the more delicious.

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel New York Cafe

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel New York Cafe

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Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel - Main Entrance

Anantara New York Palace Budapest Hotel – Main Entrance

For centuries, the city of Budapest has been a constant in Eastern Europe’s history. The New York Palace Hotel is now part of that rich legacy with its Old World Glamour taking visitors back to when Hungary was at its peak as one of the world’s most powerful countries. It sits on Grand Boulevard near some of the city’s finest landmarks and caters to guests looking for opulence, old-world glamour and luxury within an exciting European capital. After undergoing renovations starting this year until Spring 2022, it will be open once again under new management– Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas. ◼

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© This article was first published online in Nov 2021 – World Travel Magazine.

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