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by | Feb 12, 2018

Explore World Class Fun, Go All Glam in Los Angeles

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Wake up early in the City of Angels where a pink sunrise takes centre stage while the full moon sets over the Hollywood Hills and it hits you, gazing at jaw-dropping views of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory – epic dreams do come true. Here, every day. Los Angeles is in the dream-making business. And if your idea is world-class fun, Los Angeles is one of the unique destinations in the world that offers world-class surf, wine, shopping and skiing all in 24 hours. Think you can handle it? Let’s get this party started.

El Porto beach known for its solid beach breaks and longboarding (by Visit California)

El Porto beach known for its solid beach breaks and longboarding (by Visit California)


The storybook arrival at Terranea Resort is just the warm-up for your first LA adventure. The venue itself is the stuff of legend. Its gorgeous lagoon provided one of the locations for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as well as the famous Sea Hunt TV series starring Lloyd Bridges. One look at the azure Pacific and it’s easy to see why Hollywood fell in love with this dramatic spot on the tip of the Palos Verdes peninsula. Overlooking Abalone Cove Shoreline Park and Ecological Reserve and the former location of Marineland – a public oceanarium and tourist attraction – Terranea takes pride in providing extraordinary experiences that are naturally inspired.
The morning finds you rising and shining early in your ocean-view luxury casita to catch the tastiest waves courtesy of the resort’s adventure concierge, a sweet combo of adventure whisperer and private coach. The ultimate Los Angeles luxury surfing holiday begins when you take one of their world-class resort Lexus cars for a test drive. Just a casual ride up the picturesque coastline is El Porto beach, known for its solid beach breaks and longboarding, perfect for channelling your inner Duke Kahanamoku.

Terranea Resort (David Rhein) Beach Cove

Terranea Resort (David Rhein) Beach Cove

What, you never heard of legendary Duke, the man that put the Hawaiian sport of surfing on the map? No worries, upon arrival at El Porto beach one of Terannea’s local talented surf coaches will see to it that you speak fluent surf, get you caught up on the sport’s rich history, and will give you a private or group surf lesson you’ll never forget. Afterwards, be sure to sample the haute cuisine offered by Chef de Cuisine Andrew Vaughan who oversees an abundant kitchen garden and harvests and produces Terranea’s own signature sea salt for his delicious farm-to-table creations.

Gucci accessories at Lora Piana

Gucci accessories at Lora Piana


After an epic surf, shopping the Golden Triangle of Rodeo Drive is part-adventure, part-sport and all over-the-top. Secret back entrances and unique shopping spaces along with delectable catered lunches and free-flowing champagne define the shop-like-a-celebrity experience on Rodeo Drive.

Loro Piana On this day, my shop-like-a-celebrity experience, directed by personal shopper to-the-stars Lovey Dash, began with a visit to Loro Piana where the celebrated The Gift of Kings and vincuña wool are legend, and a chinchilla-lined cashmere shawl can cost in the neighbourhood of $16,000. The Loro Piana family began trading wool in the early 1800s and started the high-end clothing company in 1924. They pride themselves on premium fabrics, which include cashmere from baby goats in northern China and Mongolia, and fur from vicuña in the Andes. Craftsmanship, refined raw materials and a conservative image with timeless elegance define the brand.

Gucci's retro inspired collection at Lora Piana

Gucci’s retro inspired collection at Lora Piana

“It’s time for this brand to tell another story.” Allesandro Michele

Gucci Allesandro says he works in a crazy way. Inspiration may come in the form of a photograph, poetry, philosophy, images from a movie, or old paintings. Fashion isn’t his work but his life. “It’s like a religion,” he says. Why, yes it is. His fantastic sensibilities make beautiful harmony out of eclectic inspirations and are a feast for the senses. The reimagined Gucci logo meets with playful bees and sequin-writing on any and every pattern imaginable. Michele’s original plan was to become a costume designer after attending Rome’s Accademia di Costume e di Moda. The influence of his mother’s love of movies and set design also informs his work.

Louis Vuitton What’s old is new again at this icon. A brand that had its beginnings in luxury steamer trunks brings back their vintage travel logos as a design inspiration this season as well as the new – the master collection featuring works from Da Vinci, Rubens and Van Gogh. On this afternoon, we got a taste of the exclusive shopping experience with a tour of the outdoor veranda where only the most elite clients are able to relax with million-dollar views of the ultimate address on Rodeo and glimpses of the Hollywood sign. A highlight of the tour was their outstanding jewellery selection featuring a $20,000 hot air balloon charm.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” Yves Saint Laurent

Laura shopped 'til she dropped on Rodeo Drive

Laura shopped ’til she dropped on Rodeo Drive

Yves Saint Laurent Indeed. Harkening back to the days when he created female interpretations of iconic male garments like the smoking jacket and flying jacket, the collections here are anything but tame. The real story here is the use of lavish materials like Swarovski crystals to create sweaters and thigh-high boots – nothing is too extravagant or indulgent.

I was greeted with a glass of champagne and whisked to an exquisitely furnished private shopping room and terrace. Our knowledgeable host shared some amazing stories of the iconic brand including the story around the 1971 Libération collection, inspired by St. Laurent’s childhood WWII experience in occupied Paris. Awed by the stylish German soldiers and their often glittering girlfriends, the ever controversial collection has inspired fashionistas to agree that the work was a defining moment of fashion in Saint Laurent’s career as well as the history of fashion. The war-referencing couture collection made another appearance in Paris this year.


MiShawn Williams of VinoVie crafts next-level LA wine tasting with custom-curated experiences that redefine luxury. She takes your wine tasting everywhere, literally – whether a chartered yacht, the hottest out-of-the-way up-and-coming gallery, a mountaintop in Malibu, beachside after a day of surfing, or simply with friends at your hotel casita. Exceeding your wine and adventure expectations is the heartbeat of VinoVie with the capacity to cater to tastes and collectors at every level.

Vinovie's MiShawn Williams

Vinovie’s MiShawn Williams

“My love of wine has everything to do with whom and how it is shared…best with those you love, respect and admire.” MiShawn Williams, founder VinoVie

Start with the kinds of wines you enjoy, and MiShawn fills-in-the-blanks with additional wine selections that will inspire your palette and diversify your liquid assets with an exceptional wine list right for every occasion – guaranteed to be fast favourites when paired with five-star faire. Some of her current favourites include: JCB Surrealist – featuring a beautiful, limited edition bottle that includes a piece of jewellery on each bottle; DeLoach Estate Pinot Noir; JCB No. 49 Chardonnay; Domaine de la Vougeraie Savigny Blanc – beautiful, clean, and elegant great for the LA heat; and JCB No. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon. Iconic brands include Buena Vista Winery, Bouchard Aine & Fils, Deloach Vineyards, Domaine de la Vougeraie, Frenchie Winery, JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset, Jean-Claude Boisset, J. Moreau & Fils, Lockwood vineyard, Louis Bouillot, LVE Collection, Lyeth Estate, Raymond Vineyards and Wattle Creek.

She enjoys tailor-making experiences to each client’s desires and particularly enjoys partnering with fine art consultant Wendy Posner to pair art, wine and food for private collector clients. MiShawn enjoys presenting wine concepts as a parallel to artistic practices and inspirations.

Wine tasting in Malibu with VinoVie

Wine tasting in Malibu with VinoVie


Just a short drive away on JetSuiteX lies one of the best Alpine skiing mountains – Mammoth Mountain. Legends like Shaun White have called this mountain home for a good reason; it’s epic. A four-season mountain resort in Southern California, you can enjoy its beauty year round. This past year, the snowpack was so incredible that the 4th of July found bikini-clad beauties skiing black diamonds in California’s endless winter.

This is special. And so are you. Mammoth caters to the adventurous of all types – snowboarders, skiers, snowmobilers, with terrain parks and halfpipes guaranteeing there will be plenty to do and lots to talk about over aprés ski drinks. There’s something for everyone on the mountain. For those who aren’t quite ready to shred, Wooly’s Tube Park and picturesque Gondola rides provide lots of fun and spectacular views for the young and old.

A stay at exquisite Luxury Home Altis provides a stunning view of Mammoth Lake and her world-class mountains out of floor-to-ceiling windows and ski-in and ski-out convenience. Top an exquisite day on the slopes with a dinner at The Lakefront Restaurant, where California rustic chic mixes with stunning forest views, an extensive wine collection and farm-to-table fine dining.

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