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Spring – Be Healthy

Spring is beautiful compared to the four temperate seasons. Spring marks the transition from the cold winter to a warm summer. We refer to it as a time for rebirth,…

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blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon – The Unique Experience

The famous geothermal spa in Iceland, Blue Lagoon’s ecosystem is unique in the world, in fact one of Mother Nature’s laboratories, connecting us with the forces of nature. Iceland The…

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Cranberry Summer Drink

Cranberry – Grapefruit Sparkler

Cranberries, citrus, and pomegranates all harbor antioxidants such as vitamin C that will boost your immunity. Create sparklers using fresh, organic juices - look for ones without added sugar or…

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benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga to the Body | Yoga for Soul

Linda gets tired quiet easily when she is running across the platform to catch her train to the office. Benefits of Yoga Linda gets tired quiet easily when she is…

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